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1st Demolition Crusher developed by VTN

VTN Europe is the perfect example of a family business. Born in 1973 with the production of construction buckets, around the nineties the first crusher was launched and the first grapple in 1988) Today VTN exports more than 80% of its production.
Often to quickly understand the importance of the company, it is sufficient to show some significant numbers. Here are the numbers that matter:
• 165 between employees, collaborators and agents
• More than 100 partners and dealers around the world
• More than 5,500 end users across five continents
• More than 20,000 pieces of equipment produced
• 63,400 m2 of production and commercial area
Absolute protagonist of our demolition line is the Cl-Revolution shear 
VTN shear really knows how to do everything. Perfect for cutting
and the recovery of ferrous material finds natural use in both aerial and ground demolition. But its versatility also allows the cutting of multiple materials such as tires, cables, armatures and even small beams. Mounted in place of bucket or arm, the Cl-R hydraulic shear, which is offered in 13 models for excavators of different sizes.
Is the right choice to satisfy the needs of more specialized work?

There are many technical features that explain the success of this model. The shear structure is based on a heavy-duty frame made with the best high-strength steels, which allows significant weight reductions, optimizing performance and maintaining characteristics unchanged in all load combinations. The heavy-duty philosophy is also applied to rotation which sees the use of large diameter washers, a choice that allows the use of the shear in the most demanding and extreme situations. The work is also facilitated by the presence of protection valves in flow regulators that ensure easy and precise positioning. Also noteworthy is the overturned hydraulic cylinder which, with its large bore, guarantees excellent performance and high protection of the rod from accidental impacts.
The performances are also guaranteed by the adoption of the Speed ​​Valve, which reduces the working time through oil regeneration circuit mounted on the cylinder. Shrink-Fit technology for the fulcrum pin that allows the optimal alignment of the movable jaw with the fixed one, guaranteeing the best performance and maintaining the best cutting precision.

The adoption of tampons of double guide (one on each side) aimed at preventing the flexion of the jaw ensuring high precision and cutting efficiency. Operational performance is ensured by the interchangeable and reversible cutting blades four times before the need for replacement. Maintenance is very easy as the hydraulic system is easily accessible. 
VTN gives enormous importance to after-sales assistance. "Beyond the quality of all our equipment", "service is our strength. When a company buys VTN equipment it must always be followed up with quality product support, because the sale can never be an end in itself. 
For the international market the supporting role is played by the dealer, all equipped with their own spare parts warehouse, especially as regards wear parts.
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