posted by Sunil Newatia on March 29th, 2021
At VTN, our job is almost artisanal, product customization, necessary to satisfy the specific requirements of the user, which often varies from customer to customer. Our concept is not just a standard product line with mass production. We believe that our  being 'artisans' is a + Plus that cannot be found in other manufacturers and that allows us to be a niche player when it comes to product customisation. We provide the contractors the possibility of enjoying customised and high quality solutions that is guaranteed due to 'made-to-measure' design of the equipment. 

Understanding the needs of customers from various markets, VTN, has now introduced a complete and extremely high-performance line of equipment for demolition equipped with Booster, namely the + Plus. 

What is a + PLUS range: Demolition tools equipped with BOOSTER, the pressure intensifier for better performance during the activity. The booster is a system that allows to increase the power of a hydraulic cylinder by intensifying the internal pressure with respect to the inlet pressure. While working, during the closing phase of the jaw, the booster comes into operation automatically as the power required increases, raising the pressure supplied by the operating machine.
Crushers with Booster, are available in 12 different models, each equipped with and designed with various different requirements of different markets:

• greater cutting and crushing force;
• faster work cycles;
• optimal use of the operating machine;
• reduction of fuel consumption;
• Maximum productivity;
• lower environmental impact.

If you are looking for a reliable product to do your job, you need a VTN. We are always there to guide with a best solution for your job.

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