VTN 360 degree rotating handling grapples: Most powerful tool in the market

posted by Sunil Newatia on May 14th, 2021

5 different jaws

VTN handling grapples can be extremely useful for any job- site. One grapple that can be fitted with 5 different jaws to facilitate smooth, efficient and better working.  
Thanks to their particularly solid design and different available jaws shape, the VTN MD series Grapple is well suited for various different handling applications on the job site. These grapples are extremely effective for sorting and loading a variety of different materials.
With the considerable gripping force and above all the 360° hydraulic rotation, these grapples can be used in the most precarious conditions, ensuring greater productivity without requiring continuous manual work. Each model in the range stands out for the reliability and the sturdiness of the body, made from the most innovative steel to support the most heavy applications.

Lifting and moving materials are not enough, versatility is a must. Being able to handle materials of any shape and weight safely and silently is the advantage you get from VTN grapples. VTN grapples are equipped with safety features to prevent accidental release of the material being handled in the event of a sudden fall of pressure due to hose burst or any other hydraulic failure.

VTN offers nine models of grapples to suit excavators from 1.5t to 60 tons

Uses of VTN Grapples? 

Demolition of brick and wood structures: These grapples are extremely effective for sorting and loading a variety of different materials found in demolition debris and waste & recycling operations

Material handling: Collect and handle small-sized material, to dig and dredge natural soils, to load earth, gravel and sand and to lift objects of any kind
Forestry: Grab and handle the broken branches, tree trunks, logs, bushes with extreme ease with the multifunctional blade kit, Removing shrubs and tree branches fallen into the river to prevent flooding 

Breakwater and marine works: Precise placement of rocks and boulders is very essential for marine jobs. Excellent handling due to a gripping plate ensures boulders are handled with precision

Disaster Management: Debris created by natural or man-made disasters can severely the impact rescue operations. VTN grapple mounted on a tracked or wheeled excavators can easily and promptly remove, handle and load the debris ensuring saving of lives

VTN offers to models of grapples, MD series & PM series, depending on the type of jobs to handle. 
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