Various attachments that can extend the reach of your excavator

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 12th, 2021
Excavators are the most versatile construction equipment and can be adapted for use in various sites, jobs & applications. One of the major handicap a contractor faces is when he finds that his excavator is just falling short of reach required to do a job. Addressing this need, several manufacturers have developed various types of reach extenders for various different applications and situations. Below are some of the popular reach extenders:
EIK Long Arm
Long Reach attachment: Long reach is the most popular reach extender and is now also offered as a factory fitted option by almost all the OEM's. A 20T excavator can be attachedĀ  with a 15.5 meter long arm & boom. Bigger excavators can be attached with a longer reach boom & arm. Typically a 30-40T excavator can be attached with a 18m long reach front, 50-55T with 18-21m long reach. Long reach arms are mainly used in water conservancy works, port construction, river and lake dredging, metro jobs and other engineering works. EIK, Malaysia is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of LR's not only to OEM's but also to secondary market. Use of high strength steel, Robotic welding, computerised alignments ensure that additional loads are not transferred to the main machine, thus preventing the damage to the cylinders, bushings and hydraulic systems of the carrier.
Cosben Extension stick
Extension stick: Extension sticks are a very useful attachment for increasing the reach of excavators by 2 to 5 metres. These extensions get attached to the standard arm of the excavator and have its own cylinder for better handling. Extension sticks are very convenient as just removal of the stick converts the excavator back to a standard machine. Even for transportation, you can move the machine using a normal trailer thus saving huge money in transportation costs. Cosben, Italy is a leader in this technology as they have developed a very light weight extension stick using a high tensile strength steel. A lighter stick allows the excavator to handle higher loads i.e. have bigger buckets, larger attachments etc when compared to locally fabricated contraptions which do more damage to the machine.
EIK High Reach Demolition Boom

High Reach Demolition Attachment: High reach attachment is primarily used for demolition. High reach attachment is designed to reach the upper stories of buildings that are being demolished and pull down the structure in a controlled fashion. It has largely replaced the wrecking ball as the primary tool for demolition. High Reach can adapt your excavator to work in a tough and extreme working environment. A standard 30-35T excavator can be converted into a 21m high reach demolition machine. 45-50T excavator can be attached with a 26-28m high reach and an 80T excavator can have a 34m high reach. EIK, is a reputed manufacturer of high reach attachments and have a few units working satisfactorily in India.
EIK Vibro Boom

Vibro Boom: Sheet piling has become an important activity in India. For sheet piling upto 14-16m, Excavator mounted Vibro's are gaining popularity. To optimise the reach of excavator for sheet piling, Vibro Boom or Straight boom is required. Vibro Boom not only allows the excavator to use its optimum reach, but also facilitates higher pull force for extracting the sheet piles. EIK is one of the pioneers in development of Vibro Booms and has already supplied a couple of units in India which are working satisfactorily
Material Handling boom with Clamshell
Material Handling Boom: Unloading of ships, barges and railway sidings often require excavators to have more than their standard reach. Long reach attachments are not designed for handling of heavy material and thus are not ideal for this application. EIK's R&D department has worked on a design which can handle higher loads with a longer reach. This attachment designed specifically for loading and unloading of material is thus called "Material handling boom" and comes with a standard clamshell bucket.
Tele Dipper Arm
Teledipper Arm: Tele Dipper Arms have uses in Metro jobs, Marine excavations and for any job that needs deep excavation. Cosben is a very reputed manufacturer of TeleArms and are also an OEM supplier to various excavator manufacturers. Cosben TeleArms are light weight allowing the customer to install a TA with higher reach to their excavators. A 21m Cosben TA can be installed on a 20-22T excavator and a 30m TA on a 30-35T excavator. Usually, a competition TA is 1-2m shorter in reach than a Cosben TA.
Tunnel Boom
Tunnel Boom: Last but not the least, working in the tunnel is a challenging job and most of the standard excavators just do not fit into the tunnel. Tunnel excavators are cost prohibitive and most of the contractors cannot afford it. EIK has worked out a solution by designing a low height boom which allows the excavator to get into the tunnel and perform the job it was designed to!

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