Using a Telescopic Arm for Deep Excavations

posted by Sunil Newatia on September 18th, 2020
The Telescopic Arm has been developed for working on underground and/or underwater down to 40 meters of depth (sixteen story below ground!). The slim construction of the Telearm is ideally suited for foundation works, narrow excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, underground renovations, canal clearance, and much more.........
UNDERGROUND WORK; digging work, block handling, slurry wall, underground parking

UNDERWATER WORK, (salt n’ fresh water); gravel handling, boulders n’concrete block handling, removing and/or cutting trees

WIDE RANGE OF ATTACHMENTS; clamshell bucket, orange peel, log grab, harvester head can be attached to the Telescopic Arm

Suitable for any excavator from any brand, from 6 tons up to 80 tons. You can use your own excavator faster and safer than a crane and when you don’t need the telescopic arm, you could use it for other applications

Why COSBEN Telearm is the best in the market?

Competition 30m Telearm weighs appx 10 tons and can be mounted only on a 50t excavator, whereas COSBEN Telearm for 30m depth weighs only 6.5 tons, and can be mounted on a 35/38t Excavator
COSBEN 40m telearm has a total weight of 8.5t vs competition’s weight of 14 ton. This is much too heavy for a 50t excavator and impossible to use
This difference is because Cosben uses special structural steel which is much stronger compared to the standard steel used by competition. Cosben is thus able to reduce the thickness of the section body and the ultimate weight of the telescopic arm.
Cosben’s standard configuration comes with a camera mounted on the main arm, which is a much better option than the sliding cabin. Sliding cab modification is expensive and not comfortable. Operator is required to make unnatural movements to follow what is going on, and this can lead to injury, or forced to stop work
Cosben camera vision solution enables the operator to maintain a correct posture and allows him to work in more comfort, offering a dual benefit! 99% of the customers and operators like the camera instead of sliding cabin
COSBEN TELEARM is Capable of loading up a truck in less than 10 minutes (More than 45 trucks in one day!). Without the Telescopic arm, the excavation process would be slower and less safe.

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