Telematics can help you enhance your income

posted by Sunil Newatia on December 28th, 2022
What is Telematics? Telematics systems utilise sensors placed on equipment to monitor their location and data on their use. Equipment owners and users can access the data online and via smart phone apps.

Over the last 10 years, construction has made a considerable leap forward in its recognition of technology and in driving up productivity, safety & eliminating downtime. Telematics can help rental companies, & contractors to generate higher efficiencies, improve savings and raise productivity.

Telematics systems use sensors placed on engines to provide intricate data on vehicle location and its use. It provides customers with the ability to know what they have, where it is, and how it’s being used. However, cost sensitivity of contractors is a hurdle in the deployment of fleet management technologies. However, increasing numbers of rental and construction companies are witnessing the value of telematics.

The fall-out from Covid and continuing supply chain problems means that machines and spare parts are increasingly difficult to supply to customers. Therefore, intelligent use of the data gathered from machines is essential to ensure optimised fleet utilization.

Analysing machine data and diverting under-utilised machines can result in higher equipment utilisation by moving the equipment to another customer / job site, increasing the machine’s income. The global fuel crisis has redoubled efforts by companies to monitor how fuel is being used and highlight anomalies to ensure fuel is not being wasted or stolen from machines. Analysis of fleet fuel use over time will highlight which machines have a higher fuel consumption, which can be investigated by the customer. This may also be due to operator efficiency, service requirement, or possibly theft, but technology is now supporting users in their investigations which will result in fuel savings.

Another area where telematics data is very essential is machine maintenance. Using data to determine when a machine will require service and maintenance can save companies and customers both time and money. Scheduled machine servicing based on operational data can reduce breakdowns. Forecasting servicing ensures spare parts availability and allows for planned service, increasing efficiency. Protecting assets from unnecessary breakdowns helps optimise machine utilisation.

Machines are now being owned for longer periods, up from five years to six or even seven, which significantly increases the total cost of ownership. Telematics is a key driver for cost reductions. Knowing what type of repairs could occur, reducing that time to repair and time to restore can immensely improve equipment uptime.  

Telematics applications are expanding across the spectrum of construction activities and can unlock productivity, eliminate downtime, and offer a platform to reduce the carbon footprint of an industry.

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