Stump Grinders from Suretech

posted by Sunil Newatia on July 31st, 2021
Suretech is known for their expertise in specialty attachments for excavators, Backhoes and Skid Steers and they have built up a trusted name over more than three decades. 

The Dr.Digger stump grinder attachment mounted on a Digga Auger Drive makes stump removal work much more efficient and up to 10 times faster than traditional stump grinding options. 

Dr.Diggers' Stump Grinder drills through stumps and roots to almost 500mm deep into the ground. The ground remains of chipped wood can be used as fertilizer and there is no need for additional clean-up on logging and land clearing sites. Once the work is finished, the sites are fully accessible for maintenance vehicles and provide ideal conditions for plantation of new trees. 

Auger Drives are engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia by Digga and their team is engaged in assistance for development of easy to use and efficient tools and accessories for their Auger Drives. Digga products have the clear advantages of a powerful yet simple attachment. Digga's goal is always is to meet customers’ needs with the best equipment available for the application. 

Dr.Digger's stump grinding attachment is easy on the surrounding soil. Its rotating blades crush and slice all the wood residue without leaving craters or voids behind. The site needs no additional equipment for cleanup and is ready for new trees to be planted. 

Coupled on an Award winning Digga Auger Drive, which puts out maximum power at really slow rotation speeds, Dr.Digger's stump grinder experiences less wear and tear to the blades, which means more uninterrupted work. Dr.Digger's stump grinders can crush a stump in less than 30 seconds.

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