Skid Loaders: Small, Mighty, Multipurpose

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 27th, 2023
Skids are strong & versatile. They’re easy to manoeuvre. It’s no wonder Skid Steers have become so popular in construction applications.

What are they useful for?  From highways and farms to construction sites, skid steers are useful everywhere. Compact and incredibly useful, these little machines can do big jobs! 

Skids are small & compact version of heavy construction equipment with hydraulic lifting arms on each side. One of the things that makes this piece of equipment so useful in construction is its versatility. This comes largely from the different attachments that can expand a skid steer’s functionality. 
The term “skid” comes from their ability to turn 360 degrees on its axis or “skid” around corners. Yet a skid steer’s wheels don’t actually turn. Instead, the left and right side wheels work off separate motors, so you can control them independently to make turns. 

Heman skid loaders are small machines that deliver big results. Here are some key features:

o   Radial or vertical lift - both designs are optimized to keep the load close for better stability
o   Power / torque - for exceptional performance and lifting capacity of 620-700 kg and 4T of bucket breakout force 
o   Compact / small - easily manoeuvre in tight areas
o   Hydraulic boost - higher auxiliary flow rates help you make the most of the attachments 
o   Easy to transport - lighter weight plus front & rear tie-downs make it easier to get them to/from job sites
o   Longer run times - fuel-efficient diesels engines and large tanks help you get more done in a day
Attachments give the skids an incredible versatility
Dr.Digger offers over 125 different attachments that make skid steers useful for an extensive range of tasks, including: 

o   Earthmoving / levelling 
o   Snow removal
o   Trenching & pipelaying
o   Forestry maintenance and clearing
o   Underground construction
o   Roadbuilding 
o   Demolition and debris removal
o   Site & property development
o   Landscaping 
o   Moving mulch, rock and dirt
o   Dozing, grinding, excavating
Some of the most popular skid steer attachments:

o   Plate Compactors - for trench & slope compaction 
o   Bale handler - for loading, carrying, and stacking organic materials for livestock and agriculture 
o   Vibro Rollers - for asphalt patch, foundation, trench and flatwork compaction
o   Rockbreakers - for breaking concrete or rock 
o   Drilling Augers - for drilling holes in compacted soil, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen   ground and fractal rock
o   Buckets Std, 6in1 - for moving dirt, gravel, mulch, manure, brush; loosening soil; grading & levelling
o   Pallet Fork – for converting skid into a fork lift for material handling 
o   Dozer Blade - for pushing/scraping mud, light snow or other material 
o   Backhoe – For converting Skid into a mini excavator for digging, excavation
o   Trencher – For cutting a trench into soil, asphalt and concrete of upto 200mm wide and 1500mm deep
o   Grapples – For handling logs, scrap, waste
o   Stump Grinder – For removal of tree stumps remaining after the tree has been cut
New high tech speciality attachments galore:
Wheel Saw: Simex is now offering its D-BLADE 200 floor saw for use with skid steer loaders. This novel unit features a diamond blade and can cut depths up to 200mm deep. The Simex asphalt saw is ideal for linear cuts on road surfaces, concrete and for creating expansion joints on continuous surfaces.  The unit suits use for the removal of predefined sections of asphalt for subsequent restoration It can also be used to make sharp cuts for laying fiber-optic cables. 
New Generation Road Planer units can deliver the reclamation of road surfaces on a smaller scale, suited to urban use or utilities works for example. It is aimed at use on small road repaving works in urban areas, as well as utilities jobs but can also be used for road repairs on highway hard shoulders. Simex is a leading manufacturer with several models delivering a cutting width from 200mm-2000mm. The independent depth adjustment of the slides on the right and left sides helps deliver flat surfaces with side-by-side passes.
Tree Spade Attachment: This attachment allows a contractor to dig, transplant or package trees and large shrubs from the seat of a skid steer. The attachment has three or four blades that encircle the tree, digging into the ground and then lifting the entire tree, including its roots and soil out of the ground. The tree can then be ferried by the loader for transport.
Beach Cleaner: Simex BC Beach Cleaners are ideal for sifting wet or dry sand to remove fine debris and cigarette butts. The debris is easily collected and discharged thanks to the high capacity hopper and hydraulic discharge activated from the cabin. Quick change of sifters with different-sized screening grates. 10x10mm / 0.4×0.4inch standard (optional: 15x15mm/0.6×0.6 inch and 20x20mm/0.8×0.8 inch). Optical control of working depth 0-200mm (0-8 inch).
Brush Cutter: Mulcher is a brush cutting and forestry mulching attachment. Mulchers show great results in greenspace maintenance on riverbanks, in the forest and in other areas difficult to reach. Suitable for different types of vegetation management, right of way maintenance, clearing forests after harvesting wood and much more. 
Screening Bucket: Designed for separating materials of different sizes directly on site, screening bucket stands out for its easy loading, ease of use and high productivity. Specific for the selection of waste material deriving from demolitions and excavations, it is also suitable for mixing soils for the subsequent recovery or reclamation. Two rotating shafts on which the screening elements, of different sizes and shapes, are mounted, guarantee an intense swirl of the material to be screened.
Demolition Crusher & Shear: This Skid Steer Scrap Shear & demolition crusher attachment is ideal for scrap yards and cutting steel and other materials into manageable pieces. Designed for skid steer loaders of at least 2500 kgs. It is built with reversible and interchangeable blades, adjustable spacer kit on the moving jaw, and a fully protected cylinder. 
Concrete crusher is the ultimate demolition attachment for skid steers. The compact 360° rotating head and high power jaws rip and crack concrete and other materials with ease, taking down buildings, pilings, and other infrastructure faster than any other attachment.
Snowblower: Snow Blower is engineered for years of use. With a choice of widths and motor packages, you can find the optimal sized snow blower to match your skid steer or compact hydrostatic loader’s capacity.
Asphalt Paver: Asphalt pavers are designed to lay asphalt or waste material to fill set-section trenches, create sidewalks or widen existing roadways. The lateral slides take the existing surface as reference, whereas the thickness of the spread asphalt can be regulated. The floating transverse tilt can be blocked in case a slide doesn’t touch the ground.

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