Simex Cold Milling Planers: A cost effective way of resurfacing roads

posted by Sunil Newatia on March 27th, 2021
Time is always of the essence when it comes to road building. Regardless of whether you are shutting down a municipal road through the middle of city or a major highway linking two cities, road restrictions from construction are expected to be as minimal as possible. Delays can lead to  penalties if timing is not met and roads have to stay shut longer than anticipated. 

The Simex Planers, distributed through Suretech, are a two in one machine which is able to perform both milling and stabilising applications for the complete rehabilitation of roads and streets.  With a maximum width of 1500 millimetres and a milling depth of 350 millimetres (depending on model), the Simex Planers are well suited to small and medium works and are especially suitable in tight areas and around potholes or kerbs. A key feature of the machine is that you can adjust the side plates to go up against objects, which is a huge benefit for asphalt contractors.

“With the Simex Planer you can get a lot closer to kerbs and that removes some of the manpower and other equipment like jack-hammers that might otherwise be required. All the people that use these planers love the fact that the machine can do a lot of the work for them. 

The Simex Planers are also self-levelling, which helps the operator to ensure consistent milling depth regardless of any surface deficiencies. Independent depth control on either side of the planer can create sloped surfaces. When paired with the self-levelling feature and the traverse tilt system this ensures there are no height differences in the final product even if a project begins with uneven ground. 
Simex Planers are also designed with a built-in water tank and pump which reduces any dust produced during milling operations.  “Profiling has seen large growth in the last 12 to 18 months, and Simex Planer as being really seen as a leader in the industry.
“Time really does cost money and many of the features on the Simex Planer work to make applications more efficient on site, helping to keep projects on time and budget.” 
Simex Planers are available across the country throughout the Suretech dealership network                     1800 120 7873

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