Rotary Cutter Heads: A very useful attachment

posted by Sunil Newatia on September 2nd, 2022
TF3100 in Gujarat
What excavators are capable of doing only gets highlighted by the attachments.  Out of the plethora of attachments in the market Rotary Cutter Head is one of the most useful. 

Rotary drum cutters are becoming increasingly popular with professional contractors all over the world due to their extreme versatility and high production rates. Low vibrations and smooth cutting capabilities make the TF series cutters of Simex particularly suitable for all job applications. This attachment ensures selective breaking of rock mass while keeping the surrounding structures intact.  

Simex has a huge range of Rotary cutter heads to fit every type of excavator for executing various types of jobs. Simex cutter heads have a patented design and a direct drive hydro motor. Direct drive make the unit less heavier and also results in zero energy loss.

Simex cutter heads are ideal for trenching, profiling rock and concrete walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolition, dredging and underwater works, pothole repairing, stump removal, top soil mixing….. the applications are endless. Especially recommended for finishing operations, where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic result are required. 
Extremely low vibration due to the direct drive and low noise levels make these better suited than breakers and allow them to be used in sound-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools and residential areas. Cutter heads usually eliminate the need to transport the cut material or need for secondary breaking. Cut material can be used as backfill or spread on the jobsite. This provides the benefits of increased productivity and lower cost overall.
Direct Drive

PRECISE CUT                                  DEEP AND NARROW TRENCHES  

Cutter heads for mini excavators require a hydraulic flow of 20-100 lpm. Smaller cutter heads also have a chain in the centre eliminating the need for 2nd pass for cutting the centre. 
Simex also offers single drum Vertical cutter heads which can be used for demolition, pile cutting and augering in the rock. Simex offers different drums for profiling, tree stump grinding, concrete cutting and also cutting wheels for precision wall profiling. Simex cutter heads have performed very well underwater upto a depth of 30 meters without significant loss of cutting power. 
Vertical Cutter head cutting concrete piles
Simex cutter heads being direct drive and few moving parts, are a low maintenance attachments that don’t require daily greasing. The versatility of the rotary cutter makes it a wise investment.

Cutting teeth need to be inspected regularly and worn out teeth replaced immediately. Washing the unit with fresh water after the days’ work helps in enhancing the life of the unit. 

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