Operator training can save you lakhs!

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

If you are a fleet owner, you will be having different operators with different skill levels, operating your equipment. Equipment operated by one operator could be witnessing more breakdowns than others. Of course, this could be due to equipment fault as well, but if this operator works on another equipment and even that starts breaking down, then you have to work on this operator.

The operator running the machine can significantly impact your total cost of ownership. That means deciding to invest in operator training should be as simple a the decision as to purchase a superior machine. Here are three key areas in which operators can impact your total cost of ownership, as well as a few tips on reducing operating costs.

Fuel Consumption

A trained operator understands the excavators’ working modes and chooses the correct mode for the job thereby reducing the fuel consumption by up to 10%. Using the excavator at a lower RPM for a lighter job and using the auto-idle stop feature of Kobelco machines, can result in significant fuel savings.

Daily maintenance by keeping the machine greased creates less friction. Smoother movements require less power and fuel. Minimizing excavator movement while on a loading application by placing the machine closer to the truck or making a bench height can save you fuel and thus costs

Kobelco excavators are known for its fuel efficiency worldwide and good trained operator can save you lakhs by using the machine features effectively

Reduce wear and tear

One of the major ways to reduce machine wear and tear is for operators to begin each day with a walk-around inspection, checking filters and fluid levels, looking for any leaks or damages, undercarriage condition, track tension etc. They should also make sure the excavator is clean particularly its undercarriage. A clean undercarriage can save you lot of money. Rollers that have debris and cannot turn freely can jam up, causing wear on the tracks.
Don’t try to save money on the greasing. It’s cost-effective preventive maintenance that helps keep bushings, bearings and pins operating smoothly. Ignoring track tension can also be harmful. Loose tension can lead to excessive bushing and sprocket wear, and overly tight tensions can cause stress on the undercarriage.

Train operators to let supervisors know when alarm codes and maintenance reminders go off to help avoid unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

Reduce idle times

Training operators to reduce idle time can reduce maintenance costs. While it is not uncommon to have idle times as high as 50 percent, it is possible to cut that idle time by more than half — a reduction that could have an enormous impact on your machine’s resale value. Idling also burns up your warranty hours without giving you any productivity.

Your role as a machine owner

A good operator-training program is one that includes ongoing monitoring to track progress. Telematics can also play a role in comparing operator behavior. For owners who do not have the time or resources to monitor this type of data, should consider turning to a dealer who offers an active machine monitoring and reporting service, such as Suretech’s Power Care

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