New Simex Wheel Saws Cut Deep & Wide for Optical Fiber Installation

posted by Sunil Newatia on May 20th, 2021
Simex RWE100 Whee saw

Designed to be mounted on excavators, RWE series Wheel saws are designed for precise cuts on hard and compact surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete and rock. Two high-displacement radial piston motors on the largest model RWE100, in direct drive guarantee a high torque and maximum cutting force. ​Ideal for cut and break demolitions, optical fibre installations and underwater works upto a depth of 30 meters.

To help power and fiber-optic cable contractors reliably and efficiently use micro-trenching for cable installation, Simex has introduced the RWE series of Wheel saws.  With the RWE Wheel saws, operators can create a clean, deep, narrow trench in one easy pass, and easily install cable deep enough to meet most requirements with minimal disruption to the surrounding infrastructure.

Designed to provide accurate depth control, RWE wheel saws can cut a clean trench from 25-200mm wide and down to 1000mm deep. Additionally, the ability to create a trench up to 200mm wide — a wider cut than any other wheel saw on the market — helps simplify the trench cleaning process for operators.
Micro-trenching is quickly growing in popularity among power and fiber-optic installation contractors because it is the least invasive open-cut solution. Simex RWE series is designed to help operators create narrow trenches that go deeper and wider than ever before, increasing productivity and reducing the trenching cost-per-meter.

RWE Wheel saws can be equipped with a variety of blades, including the standard carbide-tipped blades and all blades are easily changeable. Latest additions to RWE series includes RWE60 & RWE100, the specs of which are provided below. RWE wheel saws are available in wheel sizes of 100-1000 mm cutting depth and 25mm-200 mm cutting width.

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