Most Powerful Rail Cutter in India

posted by Sunil Newatia on July 15th, 2022
VTN RP2000 & RP4000 rail cutters have been designed and built for powerful continuous cutting of rails and tracks. Built to last and tough enough for breaking of large rails on a continuous basis. VTN rail cutters are successfully working in Indian conditions and performing admirably.

VTN Rail cutters derive its toughness from a structure wholly made out of Hardox.  Steel used to make the VTN rail cutter are of higher thickness, together with engineering that allows for significant reduction of shocks to the attachment during the cutting/breaking process. At the same time the typical deafening noise of a metallic clanging is replaced by a dull noise that can be heard only from close range. High working speed is accompanied by a high effectiveness in breaking, even when dealing with larger rails makes VTN rail cutters special. Each time its mouth is closed, it makes a cut, but does not transmit any noise or vibration in the cabin. This was achieved thanks to a special regenerative valve with a much higher multiplication and equipped with device that absorbs hydraulic shocks. 
VTN Rail cutter has been very successfully received by its initial Indian users and have been working for last three years with no reports of structural failures. VTN rail cutter has been tirelessly cutting upto 60 kg/m rails into 4’ pieces, making upto 30 cuts / hour and working nine to ten hours each day. That means the VTN rail cutter can cut upto 2500 mt of rails in a month. VTN rail cutter can cut rails of all dimensions type and size.

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