Mahindra Earthmaster Backhoe Loader makes you MORE Money

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 8th, 2021
Mahindra Backhoe loader: preferred choice of National Disaster Response Force

Before you buy any equipment, you need to consider investment, resources, net profit, break even etc. Any business needs a proper planning so that all the pitfalls can be checked and setbacks are avoided
Backhoe loaders comes with a running cost with them. If running cost of any machine is not taken care of, than the contractor should be ready for surprises. The cost of running a backhoe loader can be termed as “Total Cost of Ownership”. Total cost of ownership can be divided into four major factors which are

EMI & Down payment

Cost of fuel

Cost of maintenance

Other cost as staff, resources etc.

EMI / Down payment: EMI and down payment both are a part of machine price. For buying backhoe loaders 99% of the contractors take the support of banks or Finance companies to fund the backhoe loader. Backhoe loader price is directly responsible for this part of cost. Higher the price of backhoe loader higher is the down payment and EMI. What you need to check is whatever backhoe loader you are buying is value for money or not. You should not unnecessarily pay extra for similar products. Mahindra Earthmaster is not only cheaper but more productive as well!

Cost of Fuel: Backhoe loaders runs on diesel. In India the cost of diesel is ever increasing. Fuel economy plays an important role in the total cost of ownership of backhoe loader. The machine which is saving on fuel, will reduce the overall cost of ownership and will increase your net profit. Mahindra Earthmaster consumes only 4.5L/hour, saving you an expense of minimum 0.5 litre per hour Rs. 40/hour. This saving can easily translate into a saving of Rs 1.25 lakhs per year!

Cost of maintenance: Along with fuel the backhoe loaders also need lubes and filters periodically. These consumables have to be replaced periodically for smooth functioning of the equipment. The cost of these consumables adds to the overall cost of ownership of backhoe loader. Higher the cost of consumables higher is the cost of maintenance. This factor should be kept in mind before purchasing backhoe loader and should be compared with other good brands. Mahindra Earthmaster saves you a minimum 30% in consumable costs!

Other expenses: Other expenses in backhoe loader business are related to the salary, breakdowns, allowances of the staff and machines. Usually these are like every backhoe loader. Here the difference is only on the quality of components of the equipment. The lower quality backhoe loader tends to breakdown more and there by increases your operating expenses.

Now let’s understand how this costs of ownership relates to Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader.

Total Cost of Ownership of Mahindra EarthMaster

Mahindra EarthMaster is designed as per the requirement and condition of Indian sites. It is the most Value for money Backhoe loader currently available in India. 

EMI / Down payment of Mahindra Earth Master: Mahindra Earthmaster is around Rs. 2-3 lakhs cheaper than the market leader. If we calculate the EMI savings of Mahindra EarthMaster keeping the ROI as 12 percent reducing and tenure to be of 48 months, you will get the benefit of around Rs. 2.5 lakhs at the end of tenure.

Fuel savings on Mahindra EarthMaster: Mahindra EarthMaster saves around 0.5 liters of fuel per hour minimum. If a typical site work for backhoe loader is around 250 hrs and machine saves 0.5 liters of fuel per hr,  Then at current fuel rate of Rs.80 per liter monthly savings on fuel cost is appx Rs 1000/- per month. You can thus annually save Rs. 1.20 lakhs from fuel or Rs. 4.80 lakhs during the loan tenure. In India it is equal to the helper salary.

Cost of maintenance: Mahindra EarthMaster has the cheapest service cost in Indian Backhoe loader market. The main competitor is around Rs 14 per hour higher than Mahindra EarthMaster. Calculating the maintenance cost for  250 hrs. per month, the saving will be staggering Rs Rs 1.74 lakhs by the end of loan tenure.

Mahindra as per its commitment towards nations has given a great product Mahindra EarthMaster, which can save you a minimum of Rs. 2.25 lakhs per year or upto Rs. 9.0 lakhs in the entire loan tenure!

Mahindra is not only Made in India, it is Made for India. And it also makes you more money!


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