Mahindra Backhoe Loaders Provide you Higher Productivity & Lower Fuel cost

posted by Sunil Newatia on July 31st, 2021

A perfect combination of an excavator and a wheel loader in one machine, Mahindra SX Smart backhoe loader highly capable of digging, lifting, carrying, breaking and lots of other using various attachments. With its ability to tackle all those tasks, you just cannot ignore Mahindra SX Smart

“Mahindra SX Smart are great multi-purpose earthmoving machines,” according to Anwar Ali of Jilani Earthmovers. “They are best suited for any project that needs power and speed. “We use Mahindra backhoe loaders for digging ditches and trenches, backfilling, lifting heavy materials and moving loose material” adds Anwar Ali. Mahindra SX Smart backhoe loaders have several attachment options that enable the machine to perform a wider array of jobs like drilling, road milling, concrete mixing to name a few.
Over the years, Mahindra backhoe loaders have become a valuable machine for contractors, landscapers and builders looking to try out a machine or use an equipment on need basis. 

In addition to digging and material handling, SX Smart drives quickly and easily around a jobsite, and can often be used to move items from one place to another. 
As with any equipment purchase, the first place to start in the decision-making process is knowing the job the backhoe is expected to complete and at what cost?  These considerations include the environment challenges, required digging depth and power that’s needed to run any attachments.

Environmental concerns such as muddy and slushy conditions always make a good case for a backhoe with four-wheel drive and joystick controls for easier operations and more comfortable experience for the operator.

While the most popular dig depth for a backhoe seems to be 14 ft, some operators may require a bit more reach. In that case, you can rely on Mahindra backhoe to provide you that extra reach. 

As for attachments, some of the most popular ones for backhoe loaders include breakers, pallets forks, grapples, augers and concrete mixing buckets.
The designers at Mahindra have taken technology to the next level. Looking at the current scenario, we have made a dramatic leap in our own Backhoe Loader, designing the brand new EarthMaster SX Smart. It is specifically engineered keeping in mind the Indian usage patterns which breaks all the norms in the Backhoe Loader category. 
With a 36.2 kW (49.2 HP), naturally aspirated Mahindra engine, best-in-class fuel efficiency, and optimal backhoe performance, EarthMaster SX Smart will give you outstanding savings too. These are indigenised machines with world-class aggregates and are created after carrying out an extensive research on Indian customers and their requirements. 
The EarthMaster is well-established in India and has 5000+ happy Indian customers since its launch. It has greatly helped in building India over the last 10 years as it is made in India, by Indians, and for India
Mahindra has taken its learnings from tractor engines to bring its fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.2* l/h impacting the overall savings of customers positively
•   The  Mahindra  engine  brings  you  assured  reliability  with  a  low maintenance cost. 
•  The EarthMaster SX Smart has a large-sized radiator that ensures no  overheating  in  peak  summers.  It  also  enjoys  a  widespread availability of parts. 
•   The 36.2 kW (4S.2 HP] power is optimized for high level backhoe performance. 
•   Its well-tested Mahindra engine is highly reliable with the lowest overhauling cost. 
•  Proven and tested expertise in inline FIP mechanical engine. 
•  It is easy to repair ensuring Peace of mind. 
•  Its Inline fuel pump is simple and cost effective 
Higher per-hour production. Higher per-hour income. You don't just make profit every day with Mahindra EarthMaster, you make profit every hour!
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