Kaiser Spider Excavators for Rock Anchoring

posted by Sunil Newatia on December 25th, 2021
Rockfalls and landslides can be catastrophic, putting people and infrastructure in potential danger. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the techniques for remediation.

Breaks in the rock mass due to erosion, blasting, breaking, causing weakness to the slope can cause the land slides. In layered rock slopes, we often see toppling failures – where the failure is initiated at the slope toe, commonly caused by undercutting of erodible layers. The most prevalent failure, however, are wedge failures. Understanding the mode of failure will provide insights into the best mitigation techniques. The location, scope of failure and geometry of the slope also help to determine how to approach remediation efforts.

Rockfall Control
Draped mesh is a method of a steel wire mesh sheet loosely draped over a rock slope. This system safely guides falling rocks down the slope into a catchment area, where they can later be removed. Pinned mesh, on the other hand, is used when a catchment area isn’t available or possible to create. This system uses the same steel wire mesh, but instead of draping it over the slope, anchors cinch the mesh in place and hold loose rock to the slope. To further stabilize an area and help stop erosion from happening, shotcrete can be added to pinned mesh.

When a stronger, more permanent wall is necessary, rigid barriers such as GSC walls can be an effective solution. Depending on the energy of the falling debris, however, rigid barriers can break under increased pressure. In these instances, flexible barriers can help contain rockfalls while bending with the weight of the debris versus breaking. With each of these methods, prior to creating the containment area, scaling to remove potential loose rock is recommended.
Kaiser Spiders mounted with rock anchoring drill can traverse steep slopes, reach the difficult areas to install the anchors. Kaiser Spiders have been extensively used in the European countries for rock anchoring and slope remediation. 

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