posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

COSBEN was founded in 1976 and company has since become an international leader in the Teledipper arms and other equipment that it makes.COSBEN’s strong points are their untiring commitment,innovative capacity and the inpaccable quality of their products. Today COSBEN is supported by numerous dealers around the world,operating both on the European market and in many areas beyond, including Latin America,the USA,and Asia. The company’s personnel conduct constant market research to ensure increasingly successful sales, so much so that “COSBEN” has become a byword for quality and reliability .All COSBEN attachments are made in extremely high strength steel. Each production stage is closely studied,monitored and monitored by technical experts from design th PRODUCTION.

COSBEN’S TELESCOPIC ARM is known all over the world.The success of COSBEN is due to the deep knowledge of the markets and ability to process innovative and provide technological solutions for various types of deep excavations work.

The design of our Telescopic arm has been developed to minimize the possibility of breakage due to contact with walls or other structures and for the same reason the hydraulic cylinder of the telescopic section is placed inside the arm. There are several versions of clamshell buckets in order to satisfy the most different requests.

Our arm are used in a wide variety of works already all over the world,from Asia to America,from Europe the Africa. The ongoing commitment in design and innovation has led Cosben to offer products developed and built specifically for the need of our customers.

For our customers completing the work on schedule is extremely important. Some of our customers have conducted a test to compare the performance of the Cosben’s telescopic arm against the traditional method of skips and a crane.

“We would have had to use skips, conveyor belts and a crane to remove the material ,which would then have been stockpiled on site,” The excavator equipped with Cosben’s telescopic arm was three time quicker than using s 5m3 skip. The skips removed 10m3 per hour removed by the Cosben’s telescopic arm.

COSBEN HAS TIED WITH suretech th market and support their products in India. Suretech with its vast knowledge of the market and customers and reputation for excellent after sales support services,was an ideal choice for Cosben.

For more information and to understand its utility and suitability for your project please write to us at or call on 1800 120 7873

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