posted by Sunil Newatia on April 4th, 2022

The RS 16 Simex are designed for the creation of "sound bands" (acoustic warnings on the road surface for traffic safety). They allow you to make grooves of different sizes and / or change the distance between the bands, according to the customer's requests (or government regulations). Constant size and spacing independent of feed rate can be achieved.
The oscillatory motion is transmitted to the milling body only, the structure remains fixed with respect to the machine
driving force. No transmission of vibrations (and wear) to the loader arm and to the operator.
Simex patented system can be easily converted into:
·    standard milling machine with Simex self-leveling system;
·    surface milling machine for removing road signs or for surface finishing.
·    Milling drums of different sizes available on request.
RS 16
Sound band width: 300-350-400mm 
Sound band depth: 0-25 mm  
Required oil flow 75-140 Lpm
other sizes available on request
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