Grass & Bush Cutters: How to Select, Operate and Maintain a Forestry attachment

posted by Sunil Newatia on August 5th, 2021
If you need to clear the land of thick bushes, weeds, wild grass and trees quickly, a grass cutting mulcher should be your go-to attachment. These mulchers can cut the overgrowth into useful mulched material, allowing you to clean out the land as needed. These attachments are very useful for utility work, road side overgrowth, site preparation and general land maintenance. They’re also being used for wildfire prevention and invasive pest control.

If you’re considering a mulcher purchase, you need to check the attachment’s flow and pressure requirements to ensure that your mini excavator or backhoe loader is capable of running it. In addition, it’s imperative that the attachment’s weight is not more than your machine’s handling capability to ensure you can maintain optimal stability during operation.

Mulchers are available in different widths depending on your machine size. There are different teeth options available for different applications. A blade that cuts through the wood, but limits the “bite,” allowing the mulcher to produce finer material or a heavy-duty tungsten carbide teeth which produces larger material but are less susceptible to damage from rocky surfaces.
As you begin to operate the forestry mulcher, enter the material slowly and get a feel for the ease or difficulty with which the attachment is mulching trees or brush. If you push the rotor too far and it stalls, back off a little bit to let it recover and continue to monitor your speed. Keep the mulcher’s teeth out of the dirt as much as possible to ensure they remain sharp. Make a pass and review to determine if you need to make another pass. 

To conclude, Mulcher is a brush cutting and forestry mulching attachment. M3 mulchers show great results in greenspace maintenance on riverbanks, in the forest and in other areas difficult to reach. Suitable for different types of vegetation management, right of way maintenance, clearing forests after harvesting wood and much more. Produced in different models according to the size of the excavator, Mulcher is supplied complete with toothed high-performance V- belts transmission (piston motor standard from MH15 series), internally reinforced with inside double-case body with interspace, side skids adjustable on 3 positions to change the height of the cut, valve block complete with priority valve for adjusting oil flow, anti-shock valve (pressure relief valve), anti-cavitation, flat bolted plate. 

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