Give you Excavator a Twist!

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021
VTN Tilt & rotate coupler is a great innovation that allows a contractor to complete excavation work 30–40% faster, work in confined areas and also use a bigger machine. Tilt & Rotate coupler also helps in change of attachments in 10 seconds!!

The VTN Tilt-rotator is a hydraulic coupler mounted on an excavator and it allows the bucket or any attachment to be rotated 60 degrees and tilt 5 degrees to each side. A reason for increase in pro­ductivity is easy manoeuvrability into tighter areas and working precisely or for creating slopes any­ where from one to 45 percent. Earlier, one had to hand shovel material into or out of comers and tricky-to-reach areas that a standard bucket wont reach. It isn’t always possible to move the machine due to site conditions, trees, buildings and the like. VTN Tilt-roator al­lows operator to use bucket to cut any combination of grades, profiles or contours with less wear and tear on the undercarriage and swing gear. Operator can manipulate materials and attach­ments from any angle due to finesse and dexterity of the VTN Tilt-rotator, and yes, that’s a game changer.

At Suretech, we are always looking to learn about new equipment, attachments, materi­als and techniques. Excav­ators have evolved from just a simple digging machine with one bucket to the incredibly capable and adaptable machines they are today. It’s hard to put into words how much more ac­curate and versatile the excavator becomes with the VTN Tilt-rotator. It’s like going from 2D to 3D. Its much more efficient and it is good for business, and at the same time it delivers the type of high-quality finish the clients deserve

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