posted by Sunil Newatia on August 3rd, 2021

If you want to increase the returns on your backhoe loader, investing in attachments is what you must consider. Attachments allow your machine to do more by accomplishing more tasks on a jobsite with one machine or by taking on jobs across multiple industries. Here are five attachments beyond the standard bucket that can increase the RoI of your machine. 

Using a backhoe to cut a trench is an efficient alternative for jobsites requiring cutting a trench for laying cables or pipes instead of using a separate trenching equipment or doing it manually.  Having a trencher attachment increases jobsite efficiency and opens up utility installation and landscaping jobs to contractors. Standard trencher attachments are available in 150-300mm widths and can cut upto a depth of 1500mm.
Grapple Bucket 
While standard buckets are the most used on backhoes, a grapple bucket with its hydraulic clamps that can hold all types of material will increase the ROI of your machine. In addition to allowing operators to work more quickly without the worry of their load falling off, grapples open the door to tree care and landscaping jobs — two of the fastest growing industries.
Cold Milling Planer
Road repairs, specially in moving traffic are a real challenge. Also if the road has to be resurfaced in a very narrow lane, it is very difficult to take the milling machine in. Further, sometimes for small jobs it is not viable to call for the large milling machine. Cold Milling Planer solves the problem. It can cut both concrete and asphalt in controlled increments so contractors don’t need to stop traffic, saving on traffic redirection headaches and associated costs. Cost of resurfacing is also reduced dramatically. Cold milling planers can cut 350mm width and upto 150mm deep, at a time.
Concrete Mixing Bucket 
This is a really wonderful tool. Contractor can mix 0.5m3 of any type of concrete in 7-8 minutes. This concrete can be easily discharged through the side or bottom of the bucket directly into the targeted area. Extremely useful tool, this can really enhance the capability of a contractor in executing civil works.
Drilling Auger 
Ideal for landscaping and tree care, an auger attachment will expedite creating holes, allowing operators to more quickly plant trees or install fence posts than if they were hand-digging or relying on hand-held augers. Augers are also useful for erecting lighting poles, road signages, crash barrier fencing, solar panels etc. If you need to drill a hole, there is nothing better than an Auger attachment. By speeding up these tasks, operators can take on more jobs in a day, increasing their ROI. Auger attachments are available in a variety of cutting teeth for different types of soil and drilling sizes of 150mm - 1000mm. Drilling depth of upto 6m can be achieved.
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