Effective Equipment Maintenance

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

Equipment failure can cost you thousands of rupees every day that they’re under breakdown. That’s why it’s important to have a construction equipment maintenance as per schedule. Prioritizing equipment maintenance can prevent larger costs in the future.

The biggest reason to conduct scheduled maintenance is that it controls costs. Well maintained vehicles and equipment minimize repair and downtime costs. Timely maintenance allow you to know ahead of time if something needs to be replaced before it becomes an issue. Regular maintenance also helps to lengthen equipment life, and control service intervals. With that in mind, it’s important to plan how often and when to schedule preventative maintenance.

Construction Equipment Maintenance

It’s extraordinarily important to schedule maintenance for construction equipment. A study on machine maintenance says that repair costs are reduced by 25% when people regularly schedule maintenance. While exact maintenance schedules can be found in owner manuals, there are some general tips with maintenance and scheduling.

It’s important to take weather and site conditions into your maintenance plan. Because weather and site conditions change how often and when construction equipment maintenance should be scheduled. In places with acidic soil or salting, it’s important to address this in your maintenance plan. Otherwise important parts of the equipment could end up rusting or corroding and cause unexpected maintenance needs.

Another way to keep construction equipment maintenance needs low is to ensure that everyone operating a piece of equipment is certified or knowledgeable on effective servicing of machinery. Operators know how to run and start the machine, as well as the preventative maintenance. They know what tasks need to be completed in order to ensure the machines work properly every day. They also know when something isn’t right and can point to specific parts that might not be functioning properly. Finally investing in monitoring equipment to regularly check your equipment goes a long way in proper and timely diagnosis of a problem. You can use the reports from past maintenance to understand and fix current problems.

Construction Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is very important in construction. They can be your greatest tool and when taken care of properly, and result in vehicle run for thousands of kms. Simple things like checking oil, water, wiper fluid, engine coolant, anti-freeze and tire condition every time you fuel up can keep the vehicles in better condition for longer periods. Most vehicles do best with regular checks, such as:

Once a Month
— Check transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper blades, power steering fluid. It’s also a good idea to check the condition of belts, hoses, and battery cables.

Every 6 Months or 5000 kms
— Check the brake system, inspecting or rotating tires chassis lubrication and the clutch system

Every Year
— Have the under-body flushed, service the engine cooling system, check the accelerator control system, and lubricate the doors, locks, hinges, and parking breaks. (inspecting radiator, water pump, fan belt, thermostats, radiator cap and antifreeze)

Every 15,000 miles
— changing the transmission fluid and filter

Every 30,000 miles
— Checking the spark plugs, fuel filter, spark plug wires, and engine timing.

While these tips are pretty general, every vehicle manufacturer might have a different timeline which is why it’s important to look at the manuals to know their recommendation.

Services we offer:

Equipment maintenance packages that includes checking oil levels and hydraulic oil quality, filter inspection, inspect equipment, and machine health assessment. We offer high pressure undercarriage cleaning, machine disinfection services and battery booster to enhance your battery and electricals’ life. We offer hydraulic oil cleaning and recycling services to enhance the life of your machine’s hydraulic oil. We help determine the necessary course of action to keep your equipment working longer. We help you plan maintenance schedule ahead of time and around your project schedules.

Our comprehensive services can help you reduce your maintenance costs and breakdowns, saving you lakhs of rupees

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