Drill more, earn more with your excavator

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

Excavators are described as “a power driven machine for digging, moving, or transporting loose gravel,sand, or soil” yet they are so much more than that. Excavators can be used to dig holes, install screw piles,trench, slash grass and mulch trees.

Digga Australia is helping to change the way excavators are perceived and used with the release of drilling attachments designed to expand the earning capabilities of excavator owners. “Increasing the versatility of machines opens new opportunities foroperators,” “The more jobs they can do the more money they can earn for the owner,” he continued.

Instead of just moving digging, operators can now use their excavators to drill holes for piling, anchoring or general augering work such as drilling holes for fencing and foundations. “On large jobs time and money savings can be fairly substantial,”

Digga has been manufacturing drilling attachments for over 30 years and is renowned worldwide for its quality and performance through world leading technology and in-house manufacturing. Digga attachments are manufactured in Brisbane, Australia at a state-of-theart manufacturing facility which covers over 12,500 sq.m. Digga also operates facilities in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia as well as the UK and in Iowa, US.

Digga’s modern, spacious facility houses numerous machining stations utilising CNC technology to ensure the finest tolerances are achieved. Even the gear sets from the planetary reduction assemblies are cut on site and heat treated to Digga specifications. Checks are made and measurements taken at every step to ensure the overall quality of the Digga product remains uncompromising.

Digga has increased its warranty period on all its drive units. Such is the build quality of the Digga product that they can afford to offer industry leading warranty of 5 years gear box and 3 years motor warranties. “These terms are virtually unheard of in the earthmoving industry,” “Quality is everything especially when your business and livelihood rely on these attachments. If they’re not working, neither are you,” he added.

Digga offers the largest range of planetary auger drives, catering for mini machines to 90-tonne excavatorsfor boring, screw anchoring and piling applications. 31 years of design and manufacturing experience has produced the most advanced drive units in the world. Renowned for being “bullet proof” Digga drives have gained a cult following in areas as far as Canada and Russia.

EERM recently tested a new Digga PD4 auger drive with Digga’s own ‘swing control’ technology. As predicted, the unit performed flawlessly and the swing control unit leaves one wondering why it’s not compulsory on all jobsites. Swing control eliminates sideways swing while the auger is hanging in the air, while still allowing it to hang true as required for perfect plum line accuracy. The torque achieved via the planetary reduction box was demonstrated in virgin ground witha 450-mm auger, cutting its way into the ground at an impressive rate. The auger tools themselves were easy to remove and replace as required.

Digga has tied up with Suretech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. for sales and product support for its Auger Drives, for the Indian sub-continent. “Suretechis known for its superior product knowledge and excellent after sales service in the Indian Infrastructure industry ”

“If quality, performance and uptime are important to you, then Digga Auger Drives are the smartest choice.”

For more information and to understand its utility and suitability for your project please write to us at sales@suretech.co.in or call on 1800 120 7873

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