Dr.Digger VTN plus line of new demolition tools

posted by Sunil Newatia on February 1st, 2022
Dr.Digger-VTN has launched a plus line of primary and secondary demolition tools that incorporates booster technology. The booster is a system which multiplies the input hydraulic pressure and increases the power supplied to the hydraulic cylinder to enhance the cutting force of the tool.
Booster.. how it works?
During the closing of the jaw of the tool, the device automatically starts working at higher force, as the pressure supplied by the operating machine increases as per the the booster ratio.
Booster.. advantages?
+ Increased cutting and crushing strength
+ Faster work cycles
+ Optimal use of the operating Machine
+ Reduction of fuel consumption
+ Lower Environmental Impact Higher
+ Productivity
+ Cost effective and convenient
  • Compact-designed 360° rotation
  • Centre of gravity closer to the carrier
  • Fully-protected cylinder
  • High level ALIEN cutting power  
  • Interchangeable rebar cutting blades
  • Hydraulics are easily accessible through bolted hatches
  • Interchangeable teeth
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