Do you need to sell your soul to sell your product?

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

I have been selling construction equipment for last 27 years and have seen the evolution of the industry over the years. Whereas the products, quality, competition have all improved, the attitude of the sales people have gone hurtling downhill. It is difficult to say where this change came about? Was it being driven by the manufacturing companies, degradation in education and values inculcated by the peer group or simply the need to get ahead at whatever the cost.

The professional ethics and healthy respect for each other though are still visible in the developed world, it sadly has just disappeared from our country. Lies and false commitment, forged invoices of competition, manipulated features, misrepresentation of facts and mud slinging on competing products, this is what selling has become. People just do not have anything good to talk abount their product!!!

It still would be understandable if such practices were peddled by the dealers, agents etc. The scary bit is that sales people of equipment manufacturers are indulging in it. What are we teaching to the new generation? That we cannot sell without telling lies? That we cannot sell simply on our own strengths!! What I am now looking at is a total moral depravity. Unfortunately no one is having any remorse or shame.

Now looking from the point of meta physics, it is said our thoughts create our reality. We really are a product of our thoughts. So if you think negatively, you will attract only negativity. The collective negativity can only result in destruction of humanity and that is what we look headed to. Having sold our souls to the devil, where do we look for redemption?

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