Do you need a mini excavator?

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 8th, 2021

Mini excavators in India have been undergoing robust growth. From an industry size of around 500+ in 2014, it has now grown to around 1400 units a year. The annual growth rate has been around 15% and is now expected to jump up to 25%

Major demand of mini excavators comes from agriculture, plantation, waterways construction and general construction segment. Kerala has pioneered the mini excavator revolution which can be seen from a very good demand in agriculture and plantation segment. Hilly terrains also play a key role in customers adopting mini excavators. 

Besides this, the government focus on the rural road development, low income housing and smart cities are also driving the demand. Because of its compactness and low weight, it is easy to transport. It has better reach and is able to work in confined spaces. Investment is less while income generated is more.

Mini excavators are ideal for projects that have work that are labour intensive or when there is a space constraint. Mini excavators well suited for loading and unloading, cutting trenches, laying utility pipe lines, digging irrigation ditches, ponds, cleaning water channels etc. and have a  wide usage in general construction, agriculture, plantation, Municipal Corporation and development of industrial sheds

The varieties of attachments available enable it to be used on all kinds of projects. Some popular mini excavator attachments include Augers, hydraulic breakers, Mulchers, Trenchers, Log Grabs etc.
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