DIGGA: Your most trustworthy drilling and trenching companion

posted by Sunil Newatia on May 18th, 2021

Digga Australia is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of attachments for the earthmoving, construction, forestry & agricultural industries. Digga’s has been continuously logging YoY huge growth with robust demand for their trenchers, augers, sweepers and other attachments suitable for machines such as excavators, skid steers, backhoes and telehandlers. 
Digga Auger drives, their highest selling product, can be used to drill holes with diameters ranging from 150mm to 2000mm upto a maximum depth of  around 18 metres. This however is subject to the reach of the excavator it is mounted on. Digga Auger drives have a wide range of applications viz drilling a hole for crash barrier fencing, site fencing,  street lighting & solar panel foundations, micro piling for foundations, pre- drilling for sheet piling, power transmission tower erection, tree plantation etc. If you need to drill a hole, you need a DIGGA. 
Digga Auger drives are the most powerful drive in the market. Digga’s patented planetary gear box is designed to provide maximum torque at minimum weight and size of the drive. Ground condition is the most important factor when selecting the right drive & tool. With ground conditions from 50-70MPa it’s possible to use the standard soil auger, but when the ground hardness is in the range of 70-100MPa you need to use a rock-soil combo auger tool with a tapered head to fracture the rock. Anything over 100MPa and the DR series rock auger of Digga comes into its own. It can easily penetrate the rock due to the higher torque of the Digga drive coupled with an extreme duty rock tool mounted with a tungsten carbide teeth.Harder the rock, slower is the drilling speed and tooth wear can be high depending on the abrasiveness of the rock. Suretech engineering team is always available to guide and advice you in selecting the right product for the right job. 
Selection of the right drive depends a lot on the economics of how much time it would take you to drill the hole, and the amount of expenses that you would have to make in terms of the teeth and consumables.  Please do ask us for an indicative estimate of owning and operating costs of the equipment.

Suretech and Digga are solution providers and we offer you a wide range of products to cater to your job requirements, including a CFA system for drilling deep holes using a small dia auger for electrical earthing work or drilling in black cotton soil or drilling in clay. 

Trencher attachments are the perfect tools for cutting through the soil, asphalt or concrete with precision and ease. They help everyone from contractors and landscapers to maintenance crews and municipalities in digging narrow trenches from 100-300mm, for installing irrigation systems, power and water lines and even performing road repairs or general construction tasks. Trencher attachments can be used on backhoe loaders, mini excavators, hydrostatic compact loaders and skid steer loaders. 

Trenchers are very useful for digging trenches for utilities such as irrigation, plumbing and electrical, as well as for foundations in construction. Some of the advantages in using a trencher attachment is the speed at which an operator can cut a trench. It is much faster than using a bucket in most circumstances. The spoil produced by a trencher is much finer than spoil produced by using a bucket. As a result, backfilling the trench is easier and reduces the chances of ground sinkage caused by air pockets and poorly compacted ground.
Digga makes the most powerful trenchers and with Digga’s patented DiggaTac cutting chains, it can cut into Asphalt, Concrete, soft rock & of course Soil. Useful for a wide range of application including trenching for cables, pipelines, irrigation etc. 
“The question we always ask is, what can we offer our customers to improve the their efficiency and productivity? What can we do to make our customers’ lives easier? It’s not only about selling a product, its about providing a solution” 
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