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posted by Sunil Newatia on September 13th, 2020
Buildings and  structures and their uses differ greatly, so must the equipment used to demolish them. Demolition is the taking down of building exteriors, followed by the demolition of its floor slab and foundations. Explosive demolition might be required for larger and immediate bringing down of a structure with equipment brought on site to clean up the debris. For the demolition of structures, there is an incredible array of machinery and technology on the market to get the job done.

Demolishing concrete is hard, time-consuming, potentially hazardous work, regardless of jobsite conditions. it is a highly skilled job due to dangers of accidents and fatalities. Safety concerns are extremely important while selecting a demolition equipment / attachments.

I shall be enumerating various demolition equipment and attachments here and their uses:

DEMOLITION EXCAVATOR:  Dedicated demolition excavators are built with the intricacies of the job in mind. Kobelco, a pioneer in mechanization of demolition activity, launched its 1st demolition excavator in 1977. Today, Kobelco manufactures the largest demolition excavator SK3500D with a reach of 65m!  Demolition excavators come pre fit with several safety features like heavy duty cab guards, tilting seats, top window for better visibility, holding valves on all the 3 booms, tilt alarms etc. Ideally, these are the best equipment you should select for demolition jobs.
High Reach Demolition Excavator Kobelco SK350D with 21m Boom and 15m Separate Boom

HIGH REACH DEMOLITION BOOM:  A standard excavator can easily be converted into a demolition machine attaching this boom.  If you have budget constraints, you can opt for this attachment. Almost 25-30% cheaper than dedicated demolition machine, this is your cost-effective option. What you have to compromise on is non-tilting seats, no top window for visibility, lack of safety features. But yes, this will do the job almost as well. EIK is one of the largest suppliers of such attachments. We have recently supplied this attachment on a Kobelco SK380.
Kobelco SK380XDLC with EIK 21m Demolition boom and VTN Pulveriser FT140

Extension Sticks: If you need to demolish smaller structures and your excavator’s standard reach is just a bit short, you can opt for extension sticks which increase your standard machine’s reach by 3-5m

Volvo EC290 with a Cosben 3m Extension Stick

ROBOTIC DEMOLTION EXCAVATOR: Demolishing concrete within an existing structure, and no space to accommodate a skid steer or a mini excavator is a daunting job. Under such constraints, demolition robots can save the day. These machines look like mini-excavators, but without cabs. They have hydraulically powered arms to which breakers, crushers, drills, or loader buckets can be attached. Many are small enough to fit onto passenger elevators, pass through standard doorways, and even travel up and down stairs. Under their hoods, though, they have diesel / electric motors driving their hydraulic systems. And they deliver an exceptional amount of breaking power for such modest-sized equipment.
Akula dual-powered Demolition Robot

MINI EXCAVATORS: In congested cities with space constraints, Mini Excavators are placed on building terraces to steadily break the slabs and climb down. Though this is a time consuming method, it is very effective in cities with strict regulations on debris and dust handling
Kobelco SK75SR on top of a building terrace

REMOTE CONVERSION KITS: are a remote control system for heavy duty hydraulic equipment that allows the machinery to be operated safely in the hazardous environments. The system is connected to the host machines' hydraulic system without the need to adjust or adapt the machines settings or parameters in any way. They can be fitted to excavators, loaders, bulldozers, etc. Once fitted with the Remote system these standard machines are transformed into remote operated units capable of undertaking a whole range of demanding tasks with the operator removed from the danger zone to a safe location. The host machine continues to operate as standard and can be switched to remote operation when the necessity arises and returned to conventional operation again by merely switching off the remote system.
Kubota mini excavator being controlled by a remote

For demolition excavators to be effective, they require quality demolition attachments, and we at Suretech offer a range of these high quality high performance tools, which can significantly boost efficiency at lower costs

HYDRAULIC BREAKERS: Breakers can be fitted on any  brand of excavators with custom mounting brackets. Breakers are the most common breaking tool but also the most dangerous for building demolitions. If used for demolishing ground level structures, its ok, but if used for demolishing buildings, it can cause major accidents.
Eurostar - Greaves Breaker on a building demolition job

Pulverizer with 360-degree rotation: Pulverizer can rotate 360 degrees to handle primary and secondary crushing operations. It features a double shell-shaped wedge for crushing ability, a speed valve for faster cycle times and reversible cutter blades. The attachments are usually made of Hardox steel.
VTN FP20 Plus series Pulveriser

Rapid concrete crushing: The tooth system on  VTN Demolition Crushers are designed for rapid crushing. VTN Crusher is made for primary demolition of concrete structures. A hydraulic regeneration valve can be installed to improve cycle times.
VTN Plus range of Demolition tools

It is projected that by the end of this decade, the waste industry will recycle 75-85% of the materials it receives. As the volume of recycled material increases, sorting of construction and demolition waste shall become mandatory. Volume and hazardous nature of this waste shall result in contractors turning to demolition and sorting grapples. These tools shall be used for demolition, sorting and loading large volumes of demolition debris
Crushing and separating material on site allows also the construction site to be free from disposal and transport costs. The material recycled with Simex recycling tools can be immediately reused on site for filling, new construction, and other jobs. Or it can be put back on the market and sold.
Pile Cropper: Mr. Cropper is one of the largest manufacturers of pile cutters and their units can cut piles from 200mm-2200mm. Mr. Cropper equipment and technology are the safest, fastest, most cost-effective, and most labor-saving method for these projects. Using Mr. Cropper, you’ll save time and money on your next pile demolition project

Demolition grapple: Useful fortaking down tructures, including multi-story buildings, factories and other industrial sites.Also used as a sorting grapple for loading and unloading and sorting recyclable materials, such as ferrous from non-ferrous metals.
Eurostar - Greaves range of Demolition & Sorting Grapples

Crusher bucket: Crushing material on-site with an excavator-mounted bucket crusher can have significant benefits for construction and demolition professionals.Bucket crusher attachments increase the versatility and can help make efficient work of handling and processing concrete debris, rubble, masonry, asphalt, natural stone and rock. They allow operators to process upwards of 100 tons of material per hour while requiring less on-site equipment, less transportation and reduced dumping costs.
Aura Crusher Buckets - Made in India

Screening bucket: Simex VSE Screening Buckets allow for instant change of material output size. It’s The only screening bucket on the market with immediate output size adjustment from within operators cab. Designed for separating different-sized materials on mining, construction and demolition work sites, Simex VSE screening buckets are unique for precise and instant output size control, easy loading, very simple operation, and very high productivity.
Simex VSE30 Screening Bucket

Efficient recycling of engineered goods saves energy, reduces emissions, conserves resources, preserves precious foreign exchange, and creates large avenues for employment. The recycling of cars and motorcycles at the end of life, in particular, presents a major opportunity.
Shears: Demolition Shears are a specialist excavator attachment designed to safely cut different metals.  VTN offers a wide range of shears, made from Hardox steel alloy and boasts four cutting surfaces and guide-blades, allowing them to be rotated 3-4 times before requiring replacement. The shears also have a regeneration valve, which speeds up no-load movement of the jaw, reducing cycle times.
VTN CI3200 Metal Shear

Rail cutters allow a fast and hard-working cut of standard train and tramway rails. VTN rail cutter coupled with an excavator, substitutes the traditional, expensive oxy-fuel cutting and allows to save time and money. The attachment is equipped with a hydraulic 360° rotation and the cutting blades are four time reversible and interchangeable.
VTN RP2000 Rail Cutter

India is poised to become one of the world’s biggest markets for construction equipment.  It’s a very price conscious market, however selling a machine that’s low price, lower quality, won’t work. There are customer segments who are willing to pay for high quality machines which last a long time. Then there’s a different segment, which is just looking for cheaper products.  Some customers are more concerned with price; others with quality; others with buying products with the latest technology. We at Suretech, have a solution for all the segments of customers. 

To know more about any product, to understand which machine / tool shall be ideal for your job, or advise on any equipment and attachments, please do contact Dr. Digger on or call on 1800 120 7873

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