posted by Sunil Newatia on August 12th, 2022
SIMEX patented continuous cutting milling heads are specifically designed for mounting on mini excavators and excavators up to 12 tons. They feature an innovative system without gaps at centre or side footprints and are ideal for finishing flat surfaces and trench excavation. Quiet and precise in the work zone, they do not intrude on the surrounding area. Versatile and performing, they can be used for crushing roots and stumps, milling asphalt and concrete, milling plaster (with lateral discs you have perfect control of the removed thickness).
TFC 50   
width (cutting profile) 370 mm 15 inch
Weight 90 kg  Recommended Excavator Weight  1.2-3.0 ton  

In trench work for laying utilities, the width of the excavation corresponds to the width of the cutter head, thus maintaining a narrow and deep section.

TFC 100 
width (cutting profile) 480-430 mm 19-17 inch
Weight  170 kg  Recommended Excavator Weight 2.5-4.5 ton   

In the scarification and selective milling of deteriorated asphalt there is an effective advantage given by continuous cutting that allows carrying out side-by-side passes.

In agriculture and forestry, the TFC chain drumcutter is widely used in crushing roots and tree trunks, or generally in green areas to till the soil and free it of rocks.
TFC 400 
width (cutting profile) 500-440 mm 20-17 inch
Weight 400 kg  Recommended excavator weight 6-10 ton   
Profiling vertical walls in the construction field and infrastructure, the TFC takes advantage of the entire cutting width, removing more material and ensuring substantial time savings.

The TFC chain drum cutter is often used to mill plaster from walls, with the option of fitting side wheels which grant perfect control on the thickness removed.

TFC 600
width (cutting profile) 540-490 mm 21-20 inch
Weight 670 kg  Recommended excavator weight 9-12 ton  

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