posted by Sunil Newatia on May 14th, 2021
Simex TF drum cutters: trusted alternative to conventional excavation methods

Shanghai Construction Group is involved in urban improvement works: infrastructures, construction, industrial plants and underground utilities. They used a Simex TF 850 double-drum cutter head within excavation works for laying underground drainage pipes along Shanghai subway.

Shanghai is a densely populated city and construction companies are looking for new excavation methods as alternative to traditional ones like the hydraulic breaker which is very noisy and causes huge vibrations, to the detriment of the surrounding residents. High frequency vibrations caused by hydraulic breakers may also lead to asphalt cracks and roadbed loosening.

To the satisfaction of SCG, Simex TF850 cutter head was less noisy and hardly caused any vibrations and achieved a productivity of around 20 m3/h. Working with a TF cutter heads guaranteed the accuracy in the selective breaking of the material with no excessive stress risk. In addition, the particle size of the milled material was suitable to be immediately reused on site and did not require a further volumetric reduction by a second attachment or operating machine. 
The cut material produced by breakers is extremely coarse and bulky, which leads to high transportation and disposal costs. TF cutter heads allow the operators to reuse the milled material directly on site with significant economic benefits: there is no need to purchase and transport new raw materials, such as sand and stones, for backfilling trenches.

China is a developing country and many cities are experiencing a strong expansion. For this reason, the government's indications on urbanization are becoming increasingly stringent on the need to use cutting-edge techniques and equipment, with a reduced impact both at the environmental level and in terms of noise pollution. Simex, has introduced in the Chinese market the TF drum cutters technology, as trusted alternative or support to traditional excavation methods.

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