Building Infrastructure in the Swiss Alps

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 19th, 2021
Around the mountains of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) there are mountain construction sites with special demands on people and materials. How do such projects succeed?

On construction sites in the Alpine region, it is part of everyday life that unforeseen difficulties arise. Heavy rain, snow, falling rocks. Weather influences and the topographical location make it necessary to plan construction phases with a foresight. It is important to optimally design the construction program for the short construction period in summer and to synchronize all project steps in order to be able to implement them promptly. But even with experienced planners and detailed work preparation - Swiss mountains remain unpredictable. Persistent bad weather or unexpected geological problems can turn the construction plan upside down. 
Use of the best in the class, Kaiser Spider Walking Excavator ensures that  work can be carried out efficiently and economically in a difficult terrain. In the steep and stony surroundings of SAC huts, drilling work is often necessary. Boring can be necessary for water catchment, for construction site installation, for the foundation and anchoring of construction objects or for the construction of avalanche and rockfall protection barriers. Kaiser walking excavators are the ideal for this, as they move installation-free in steep terrain and can be flexibly equipped for a wide variety of construction work. In addition to the shovel and pointed hammer, Kaiser walking excavators are used as a carrier for drill mounts, which means that the excavation excavator becomes a drilling rig within a short time. Kaiser walking excavator can efficiently implement various types of drilling in exposed locations and at the same time achieve a high performance value during excavation work. This advantage means that the construction program can be kept tight and the environmental impact low, because no additional equipment has to be flown to the construction site.
Kaiser walking excavators are indispensable in mountainous region. Simplicity of design and ease of maintenance makes these work horses, equipment of great value. Vast Indian Himalayan region is not much different from Swiss Alps and poses equally challenging environment if not more difficult. Unfriendly borders do not help at all with frequent shelling and skirmishes. Kaiser Spiders, as they are called due their Spiderman type capabilities, can be an immensely useful tool in the hilly regions for building roads, houses, utilities, power transmission lines and almost any construction.  It's utility for armies, border roads and disaster management is incalculable. 

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