Auger Cast Pile for Solar installations

posted by Sunil Newatia on June 10th, 2021
An auger cast pile is a most popular method to create a foundation for solar panels. Auger cast piles are installed by drilling a hollow shaft auger into the soil to the specified depth. As the auger is slowly extracted, drilled soil and rock is removed and concrete or grout is pumped through the hollow shaft. Reinforcing steel is then added to the wet concrete according to the pile specifications. Auger cast piles are both end bearing and friction based. 

Auger cast piles are best suited to areas which have clay, gravel, dense sand and low water tables, where the ground has good soil cohesiveness. They are commonly used on large-scale projects as they have a number of advantages over other foundation types, including speed of installation, accuracy, lack of cure time and low cost.

Auger cast piles are commonly used on large-scale solar PV projects due to their suitability to ground conditions and their low cost. One of the key factors reducing the cost of such piles construction making them cheaper than other foundation types is the easy availability of equipment. Equipment such as Digga PD6HF auger drive mounted on a backhoe loader has a number of features which can help drive down project costs and make contractors more competitive.

PD6HF with swing control system or DiggaAlign  guidance system increases plum line accuracy and efficiency and ensures every pile is installed accurately. The new HALO system on these drives is a revolutionary technology for incline control. Features such as these, which increase accuracy, are important for ground-mounted solar PV systems as the piles need to be driven into the ground at precise levels no matter the ground conditions.The piles need to be installed correctly as they provide the foundation on which the solar panel systems will be built.
Digga Halo ensures plum line accuracy

The foundation forms the backbone of a solar mounted PV system so it’s important to not only select the right foundation type for the prevailing ground conditions, but to also choose a contractor with right equipment that increases productivity and keeps project costs low.

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