Attachments: Future of construction

posted by Sunil Newatia on December 23rd, 2021
Attachments make an equipment versatile, make them do much more. India is now waking up to the potential of the attachments

Advancements in attachments technology and its acceptance by the industry will see the construction equipment attachment market expand multi fold in the next decade.
Growing urbanization and industrialization leading to rapid implementation of infrastructure has raised the demand for excavators, Backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders, which directly affects the growth of the attachments market.Attachments not only facilitate performing jobs which otherwise an excavator cannot do, but also speed up the project execution.

Furthermore, an increase in the number of smart city projects and heavy spending by government on infrastructure development is propelling the growth of the attachments market.

Road Maintenance attachments

Dr.Digger offers a wide choice of products for this sector, including sweeper, planer, wheel saw, soil and asphalt spreader, grader, trencher, auger and asphalt granulator. These tools provide high performance solutions for asphalt, concrete, road, pavement surface repair and many other applications

Dr. Digger sweepers offer solutions for  a wide range of sectors that include cleaning, recycling, construction, demolition and agriculture. We offer sweeping widths from 110 to 215 cm, with capacities from 0.22 to 0.44 m3 for collection of debris.
Dr.Digger sweepers are tougher, have long life heavy-duty bristles, and an optional integrated water tank unit, installed on top of the sweeper itself.
Sweeper mounted on a Case Backhoe Loader
Soil & asphalt spreader attachments
Asphalt & soil Spreader can be used to lay asphalt and other materials to create pavements; to widen and repair existing roads; to backfill, pave over and cover trenches and to lay sub-base materials. An offset feature means the new attachment can also lay asphalt without the loader needing to pass over the spread material –ensuring a smoother finish.
Asphalt Spreader mounted on a Skid Steer Loader
Dr.Digger Spreader attachment also features manually adjustable thickness of layer materials from 0-100 mm; compact design; hydraulic side shift and adjustable side wings to guide materials; lockable, floating transverse tilt up to 5° to compensate for sloping terrain; and optional third side wing kit available for special applications.
It has an operating weight of 675 kg and a standard operating width of 190 cm or optional width of 196 cm

Cold Milling Planer attachment
Dr.Digger Planer Attachment is ideal for repairing concrete roads, potholes, surface cracks, for milling surfaces and working around manholes, the wide range of planers from Dr.Digger cover cutting widths from 40 up to 120 cm and depths of up to 6 inches.
Cold Milling Planer mounted on a JCB Backhoe Loader

Wheel Saw
Dr.Digger’s powerful  Wheel Saw attachments cut through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground, with precision and speed. “They can be used for road repair and cutting trenches for laying water, gas, electric and fibre-optic cable lines.”
Excavator Mounted Wheel Saw

Demolition attachments
Dr.Diggers’ demolition attachments range includes steel shears, rail cutters, concrete crushers, pulverisers, handling grapples, pile cutters, wall breakers, Vibro Rippers and Rotary cutter heads.

Our emphasis has been on robust build quality and simple maintenance. Ours is one of the best product support teams in the country. Dr.Digger grapple range includes grapples for demolition and sorting of waste. It’s heavy duty construction ensures trouble free operations.

Concrete crushers, pulverisers and multi processors have also been improved with a focus on wear parts with incorporation of replaceable teeth, hardox in the top jaw plate so you don’t have to replace the entire jaw once it wears out.

Our new plus line of demolition tools are built around the SpeedBooster technology
Dr Diggers’ new generation of Primary and Secondary Pulverisers deliver up to 50% faster cycle times, producing more tons-per- litre of fuel burned.
The new design is built around the SpeedBooster technology which quickly closes the jaw when there is no load. When the jaw comes into contact with material, the SpeedBooster hydraulic valve automatically switches to power mode for maximum power, quickly shattering concrete.
Grapple attachment for material handling
Our Secondary Pulverisers are said to deliver up to 44% faster cycle times and up to 20% better force in concrete demolition, resulting in up to 15% greater performance in secondary material processing applications. Wide jaw openings allow operators to grab more material from any angle, increasing processing speed and improving overall material throughput.
Continuous Rotary Cutter Head mounted on a Backhoe Loader

Attachments are the future, they not only make your base carrier versatile, they can help you in speedier execution of projects. Finally, all this results in more profitability, which is ultimately everyone's goal!

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