Attachments Enhance Productivity and Profitability

posted by Sunil Newatia on September 2nd, 2022
Attachments increase the versatility and flexibility of the equipment you already own. Instead of buying more excavators or backhoe loaders, you can just buy attachments. There are several new generation attachments that do much more and highly precise jobs more efficiently and safely.

Attachments help increasing the carrier machine’s ability to do more jobs. Each attachment expands the type of works that a machine can do, without investment of crores in new equipment. 

Tackle manpower constraints

Labour shortages can seriously impact your project execution time and costs. Attachments reduce the no. of equipment required on the site and thereby reducing the no. of operators needed. When finding a good operator is hard, attachments give the best advantage on a jobsite. One operator can do multiple jobs with minimal training on use of attachments. This increases productivity and decreases on-site idle time.  

Reduced Transportation Expenses

Reduction in equipment fleet don’t just save fuel & maintenance costs but also saves on transportation expenses for mobilising and demobilising heavy equipment. Carrier machine and its attachments can easily fit onto a single trailer. Overall, this reduces the cost, though this isn’t the only way attachments can save you money.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

Another big expense is maintenance costs for heavy machinery. Each piece of equipment own requires a set maintenance schedule. Attachments don’t have individual engines which do not require much maintenance. The only cost to worry about the attachments is the cost of the attachments themselves!

You can maximize your equipment capabilities by working with Dr.Digger,  specializing in attachments that are strategically designed to improve jobsite efficiency to give you increased profitability and productivity.

Dr.Digger is always thinking ahead and making available the attachments just for your tough jobs. Here, we give information on some unique attachments made to fulfil your specific needs.

Log Grapple
Handling woods and logs has always been a challenge. Elephants have been widely used for this job. With animal conservation and safety in mind, this method is no more desirable. Solution comes in the form of Log Grapple attachment. A simple grabbing attachment that can remove your headache totally when it comes to handling woods, logs, scraps or even rocks & boulders. A simple attachment, this can handle almost all of your material handling needs
Clear trees, wild vegetation and bushes in hard-to-reach places. Equipped with hydraulically operated cutting blades and tungsten carbide tools, the attachment is ideal for shredding standing or felled trees up to 5” in diameter. Depth control rotor creates consistent chip sizing even with less power from the carrier. Mulchers can be used with backhoe loaders and mini excavators. Special skid steer mountable units are also available.
Concrete Mixing Bucket
Concrete mixing bucket can scoop, mix and dispense a wide variety of construction material, including sand, gravel, dry topsoil, mortar and bag-mix concrete. Mixer features a robust mixing auger coupled directly to a heavy-duty, low-speed, high-torque motor that can mix and discharge 0.6 m3 of material in 3-5 minutes
Asphalt Granulator
Asphalt is black gold. Why do you have to dump the old ripped asphalt when you can crush and recycle it? Asphalt Granulator Bucket can make you save as well as make a lot of money. Discarding old asphalt means expenses in transportation, landfill and lost opportunity. Asphalt Granulator bucket is designed to crush the old asphalt for reuse and recycling. You can crush the asphalt on site and reuse it in the sub base of the road you are resurfacing or concreting.
Cold Milling Planer
Road resurfacing always reminds us of huge milling machines and a fleet of equipment to do the job. When it comes to minor roads and road shoulders, resurfacing is ignored just due to the high costs of deploying large machines. You can now just attach a cold milling planer to your backhoe or a skid and cut upto 6” of asphalt or concrete roads in a jiffy.

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