Amazing Attachments: Simex Cold Milling Planer

posted by Sunil Newatia on December 28th, 2022
Technological advances are now resulting in highly efficient and productive road maintenance and reclamation equipment. These attachments mounted on a skid loader can mill the road surfaces on a smaller scale, suited to urban use or utilities works. These units are aimed at use on service roads, highway hard shoulders and also for smaller urban streets.

Simex, a world leader in these attachments, is expanding its range with the introduction of its new PL 2000 planer attachment. The unit is designed for use on skid steer loaders or compact tracked loaders with necessary high-flow hydraulic systems. This new model shares a number of technical features with Simex’s existing PL 1000, PL 1200 and PL 1500 models, but is now the largest unit from the company 

The new PL 2000 is  highly versatile, powerful and productive, featuring components designed for long working life. Easy to service and maintain, the PL 2000 features a 2m-wide drum and is the largest planer attachment currently on the market. The unit is durable, allowing it to cope with tough operating conditions. The high quality milling drum is  welded robotically ensuring a rugged cutting teeth holder featuring longevity and performance. The independent depth adjustment of the slides on the right and left sides helps deliver flat surfaces with side-by-side passes. There is also a hydraulic side shift that allows milling flush to walls, barriers or pedestrian walkways. A floating transverse tilt means that the operator is able to keep the planer aligned to the road surface even if the base machine is not parallel to the ground.

The PL units all benefit from the proven Simex self- levelling system, which ensures a constant milling depth regardless of the conditions of the road surface. Also fitted are the dust suppression system with an integrated and increased capacity water tank as well as Simex’s own Performer device, which optimises the productivity rate.
Simex PL self-levelling road milling machines are designed to remove the entire layer of asphalt or concrete in preparation for a subsequent excavation, or for scarifying the deteriorated surface for subsequent restoration. Created to mill predefined sections on hard and compact surfaces, they allow the scarified material to be reused for the subsequent filling of the excavation. Thanks to the exclusive self-levelling system, the milling depth is always constant in any condition.

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