100+ Years of Innovation. 100 Years of Kaiser AN EXCAVATOR FOR THE MOUNTAINS

posted by Sunil Newatia on April 7th, 2021

Kaiser AG based in Schaanwald is a typical Liechtenstein company. Thanks to its capacity to innovate, the company has developed from its beginnings as a small workshop to become a niche player on the world market for mobile walking excavatorsand sewer cleaning vehicles.

Kaiser S12 Allroad, 2013. The latest generation of mobile walking excavators for deployment in particularly difficult terrain.

The mobile walking excavator is not an excavator in the conventional sense of the word. Its strengths come into their own in areas where others are unable to compete. Whether deployed on steep slopes in Alpine regions, in an Indian metropolis or Florida’s swamps, the Kaiser excavator never fails to attract attention. In 2013, Kaiser presented its latest generation of mobile walking excavators, the Kaiser S10 and S12 Allroad. These models incorporate an impressive number of new technical features as well as modern looks. The outstanding design won Kaiser several prizes including the bauma Innovation Award, one of the most renowned accolades in the construction machine sector, as well as a Red Dot Award.

What’s top performance for Kaiser:
  • Efficient power • Sensitive hydraulics • Optimum stability • Heavy duty steel construction

Intelligent technology, optimum stability, heavy duty design and construction — are typical KAISER characteristics

The most extreme conditions bring out the best of KAISER mobile walking excavators in terms of engineering and performance. Their operational weight is considerably lower than that of standard excavators in the same power class; that’s why KAISER excavators move absolutely sure-footed even in extreme terrain.

Their heavy duty booms are impressive with enormous reaches and excellent lifting capacity which can really be utilized because of the excavators’ great stability.

You can choose among different variants — each adjusted to its primary field of application: designed for maximum climbing properties or the most versatile mobility, with 4x4 models as multi-functional carrier equipment.

Economic efficiencymanifests not only in top performance and low fuel consumption but also in all other factors which are important for performance and lasting value:
  • Operator training • After-sales service • Operation period of the machine • Lifetime • Resale value • Excellent workmanship

KAISER mobile walking excavators are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.
  • Welding procedure EN* 24063–135 MAG*
  • Strength and bending analyses by means of FEM* calculations of the steel construction
  • Multiple-body simulations of dynamic loads

Many years of practical experience For KAISER, quality is not only limited to the products but applies comprehensively — especially in contact with customers:

“Whatever we’ll do, we’ll do it right.”

Moreover: Our comprehensive spare parts warehouse is excellently stocked so that we are able to respond fast to virtually any demand. Its high percentage of own manufacture allows KAISER great flexibility in spare parts availability.

represents Kaiser for Indian sub-continent for sales, service, product support. For more information and to understand its utility and suitability for your project please write to us at sales@suretech.co.in or call on 1800 120 7873

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