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An excavator for the hills: story of Kaiser spider walking excavator
Kaiser AG ranks amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile walking excavators today. The first prototype was produced in 1965.
The MUK 2000, prototype of the Kaiser walking excavator, built in 1965

In the mid-1960s, Josef Kaiser developed a special excavator for deployment in steep terrain. This was a “single-axle” excavator, later to become known as a “walking excavator”. The defining feature of this type of excavator was the absence of a separate travel drive. Instead, the vehicle propelled itself forwards using the boom and bucket as its front foot.

This was nothing new. Similar models were already on the…
Various attachments that can extend the reach of your excavator
Excavators are the most versatile construction equipment and can be adapted for use in various sites, jobs & applications. One of the major handicap a contractor faces is when he finds that his excavator is just falling short of reach required to do a job. Addressing this need, several manufacturers have developed various types of reach extenders for various different applications and situations. Below are some of the popular reach extenders:
EIK Long Arm
Long Reach attachment: Long reach is the most popular reach extender and is now also offered as a factory fitted option by almost all the…
Do you need a mini excavator?

Mini excavators in India have been undergoing robust growth. From an industry size of around 500+ in 2014, it has now grown to around 1400 units a year. The annual growth rate has been around 15% and is now expected to jump up to 25%

Major demand of mini excavators comes from agriculture, plantation, waterways construction and general construction segment. Kerala has pioneered the mini excavator revolution which can be seen from a very good demand in agriculture and plantation segment. Hilly terrains also play a key role in customers adopting mini excavators. 

Besides this, the government focus on the…
Simex Cold Milling Planer can help you in economical road repairs
The effect of adverse weather on the road is a major problem that deserves increased attention and organized efforts to reduce its impact. Choosing the right machine, therefore, becomes very important.

Routine road maintenance can save you a lot of money. Monsoons elevate the need for proper road repairs. Regular maintenance is the key to preserving strength and quality of the road. Repairs need to be systematically carried with the right equipment. The selection of the right road repair equipment is pivotal to an economical and lasting repair

Simex Cold milling planer is the answer: Due to the finite nature…
Forgotten inventors of the backhoe
Wain-Roy’s first backhoe in 1948. Photo credit: digrock.com/Leading Edge Attachments, Inc

Though many associate the first backhoes with Case Construction Equipment and JCB, a new book gives the credit to two men in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, with developing the world’s first backhoe.

The authors of “Wain-Roy and the Invention of the Backhoe” attribute the revolutionary construction equipment’s creation to Vaino J. Holopainen and Roy E. Handy Jr. Their 1947 invention “could dig and load by swinging side to side” and was “the world’s first all hydraulically actuated and controlled machine for digging,” according to a news release from authors…
Mahindra Earthmaster Backhoe Loader makes you MORE Money
Mahindra Backhoe loader: preferred choice of National Disaster Response Force

Before you buy any equipment, you need to consider investment, resources, net profit, break even etc. Any business needs a proper planning so that all the pitfalls can be checked and setbacks are avoided
Backhoe loaders comes with a running cost with them. If running cost of any machine is not taken care of, than the contractor should be ready for surprises. The cost of running a backhoe loader can be termed as “Total Cost of Ownership”. Total cost of ownership can be divided into four major factors which…
100+ Years of Innovation. 100 Years of Kaiser AN EXCAVATOR FOR THE MOUNTAINS

Kaiser AG based in Schaanwald is a typical Liechtenstein company. Thanks to its capacity to innovate, the company has developed from its beginnings as a small workshop to become a niche player on the world market for mobile walking excavatorsand sewer cleaning vehicles.

Kaiser S12 Allroad, 2013. The latest generation of mobile walking excavators for deployment in particularly difficult terrain.

The mobile walking excavator is not an excavator in the conventional sense of the word. Its strengths come into their own in areas where others are unable to compete. Whether deployed on steep slopes in Alpine regions, in an…
Transform your Excavator / Backhoe into an Allrounder

Excavators have traditionally been used only for excavations and digging in India while it used as a multi-purpose tool all over the globe. Customers have been quite inflexible in their thinking and resist using the excavators for anything other than digging and rock breaking. However, ever reducing margins have compelled them to look at better utilization of their equipment. Another reason for a change of heart could be immense success of QUICKCOUPLERS which enable change of attachments in minutes instead of hours, very easily and efficiently.

We have brought into India several attachments for increasing productivity and profitability of our…
Simex Planer — Milling without compromise

Simex offers Planers that are ideal tools for minor road repairs and maintenance. In order to establish its footprint in the Indian market, the company has chosen Suretech Infrastructure Pvt Ltd as its partner

India as a potential market

Italian firm Simex s.r.l. was established more than 20 years ago and today it is one of the leaders in the world for cold planer machines. The company believes that Indian market has got a very huge potential, but it needs to be pushed to create a kind of knowledge and culture.

“Simex, being a manufacturer with a progressive technology, niche…

COSBEN was founded in 1976 and company has since become an international leader in the Teledipper arms and other equipment that it makes.COSBEN’s strong points are their untiring commitment,innovative capacity and the inpaccable quality of their products. Today COSBEN is supported by numerous dealers around the world,operating both on the European market and in many areas beyond, including Latin America,the USA,and Asia. The company’s personnel conduct constant market research to ensure increasingly successful sales, so much so that “COSBEN” has become a byword for quality and reliability .All COSBEN attachments are made in extremely high strength steel. Each production stage…
Drill more, earn more with your excavator

Excavators are described as “a power driven machine for digging, moving, or transporting loose gravel,sand, or soil” yet they are so much more than that. Excavators can be used to dig holes, install screw piles,trench, slash grass and mulch trees.

Digga Australia is helping to change the way excavators are perceived and used with the release of drilling attachments designed to expand the earning capabilities of excavator owners. “Increasing the versatility of machines opens new opportunities foroperators,” “The more jobs they can do the more money they can earn for the owner,” he continued.

Instead of just moving digging, operators…
Do you need to sell your soul to sell your product?

I have been selling construction equipment for last 27 years and have seen the evolution of the industry over the years. Whereas the products, quality, competition have all improved, the attitude of the sales people have gone hurtling downhill. It is difficult to say where this change came about? Was it being driven by the manufacturing companies, degradation in education and values inculcated by the peer group or simply the need to get ahead at whatever the cost.

The professional ethics and healthy respect for each other though are still visible in the developed world, it sadly has just disappeared…
Do hard N(ego)tiations really get you a best deal?

Negotiations have been practiced ever since the advent of humanity. Spouse negotiates to get that something extra, a child negotiates with parents to get a toy or a sweet. Relationships have always thrived on negotiations and compromise.

Negotiation evolved as an art and is being taught as a skill in the corporate world to extract that something extra, an additional benefit for yourself. Though negotiations are supposed to be a win win for all stakeholders involved, it is seldom so in practice. Ever mounting performance yardsticks and greed to get more has reduced negotiations to being a mere tool of…
Simex Screening Bucket VSE 40 wins the day in Siberia

A Simex VSE 40 screening bucket is delivering successful results in Siberia on the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline, which will transport Russian gas into China.

Power of Siberia” is the natural gas pipeline constructed and managed by Gazprom (the Russian energy giant performing extraction and distribution of petroleum products) which will bring the gas of Sakha Yakutia, a region of Eastern Russia, all the way to China. When completed, the pipeline will enable 38 billion cu m to be supplied each year. By the end of 2018, a 2220 km section will be finished, serving to transport…

The undercarriage of tracked heavy equipment, such as crawler excavators, consists of many moving components that need to be maintained regularly. If the undercarriage is not routinely inspected and cleaned, it can cost you heavily in breakdowns, reduced undercarriage life and above all, considerable amount of money

By following the tips given below you can get better performance and better life out of excavator’s track undercarriage:

Tip №1: Keep the Undercarriage Clean

At the end of each workday, excavator operators should take time to clean out dirt and other debris that may lead to undercarriage muck buildup. Shovels and pressure
हाइड्रोलिक उपकरण के रखरखाव में छह सबसे आम गलतियाँ

गलती नंबर 1 — समय पर तेल ना बदलना

यदि आप कुछ पैसे बचाने के लिए बेस तेल के ख़राब होने के बावजूद काम करना जारी रखते हैं, तो आप हाइड्रोलिक सिस्टम में प्रत्येक अन्य पार्ट्स जैसे मोटर, पम्प आदि के जीवन का समझौता करते हैं। तेल के परिवर्तन के बारे में जानने का एकमात्र तरीका तेल विश्लेषण के माध्यम से है। या फिर आप मशीन उत्पादक के बताए नियमानुसार तेल का परिवर्तन करें। समय पर तेल बदलने से आप मशीन के रखरखाव पर लाखों की बचत कर सकते हैं ।

गलती नंबर २ — गलत तेल का उपयोग करना
Give you Excavator a Twist!
VTN Tilt & rotate coupler is a great innovation that allows a contractor to complete excavation work 30–40% faster, work in confined areas and also use a bigger machine. Tilt & Rotate coupler also helps in change of attachments in 10 seconds!!

The VTN Tilt-rotator is a hydraulic coupler mounted on an excavator and it allows the bucket or any attachment to be rotated 60 degrees and tilt 5 degrees to each side. A reason for increase in pro­ductivity is easy manoeuvrability into tighter areas and working precisely or for creating slopes any­ where from one to 45 percent. Earlier…
What it takes to be the Best Backhoe Loader in India?

ackhoe loaders — this machine has been the superstar of construction equipment as well as the material handling industry since quite a long time. Ever thought what makes the backhoe loader so popular? It is its versatility! In an era when Indian equipment manufacturers are designing machines to do as many jobs as possible or trying to follow the ‘Swiss-army-knife’ approach, the backhoe loaders with its versatility are winning hearts. The machine is at once a dedicated trenching unit as well as a front-end loading tool.

Be it building sites, roadwork areas or places where earth-moving is required, backhoe…
Simex Drum Cutters excavating inside the glacier

(Icelandic for “long glacier) measures 953 sq. km, 50 km in length and 15–20 km in width, and is the second largest in Iceland, smaller only than the colossal Vatnajökull.Situated some 200 km northeast of Reykjavik and at an altitude of 1,450 m, the glacier has a maximum thickness of about 580 m and extends over a large system of volcanoes Because this natural phenomenon is so unique and is relatively difficult to reach from the part exposed to the southwest, Langjökull has long been a destination for hikers from all over the world.

In 2010, Baldvin Einarsson and…
Effective Equipment Maintenance

Equipment failure can cost you thousands of rupees every day that they’re under breakdown. That’s why it’s important to have a construction equipment maintenance as per schedule. Prioritizing equipment maintenance can prevent larger costs in the future.

The biggest reason to conduct scheduled maintenance is that it controls costs. Well maintained vehicles and equipment minimize repair and downtime costs. Timely maintenance allow you to know ahead of time if something needs to be replaced before it becomes an issue. Regular maintenance also helps to lengthen equipment life, and control service intervals. With that in mind, it’s important to plan how…
Operator training can save you lakhs!

If you are a fleet owner, you will be having different operators with different skill levels, operating your equipment. Equipment operated by one operator could be witnessing more breakdowns than others. Of course, this could be due to equipment fault as well, but if this operator works on another equipment and even that starts breaking down, then you have to work on this operator.

The operator running the machine can significantly impact your total cost of ownership. That means deciding to invest in operator training should be as simple a the decision as to purchase a superior machine. Here are…
Compact Hydrostatic Loader or a Skid Steer? Which one should you consider?

Skid Steers are gaining popularity in India but so are Compact Hydrostatic Loaders. Considering the Indian conditions and the various applications the contractors put their machines to, we need to understand and evaluate the utility of both equipment. Here we compare an entry level skid steer loader with Eimco Elecon AL120 Compact Hydrostatic Loader

Bucket capacity

An entry level SSL has a bucket capacity of 0.9 m3 while AL120 CHL has a bucket capacity of 1.4 m3 giving almost 50 % more bucket capacity and tipping load.

Advantage: AL120 Compact Hydrostatic Loader

Travel Speed

AL120 compact hydrostatic loader is a…
Single type of grease does not work for all applications

It may be tempting and convenient to use one type of grease for all your equipment. If you are taking care to extend the life of your equipment, you’ll need to operate with different types of grease depending on the machine and the specific jobsite conditions.

Also, different parts of a machine may require different types of grease, depending on their operating temperature.

What is NLGI

NLGI stands for the National Lubricating Grease Institute and is the institution that certifies grease. Grease can range from NLGI #000 to NLGI #6, but the most common is NLGI #2 because it can…
Why a Centralised Lube system a Must?

Some of the reasons which make it difficult to lubricate manually every day are:

weather conditions: rainy, chilly weather can be daunting for operators
production needs: meeting project deadlines if given priority over maintenance.
safety issues: the operator has to climb over the machine

logistics: manual lubrication equipment are not always available

time consuming: Bucket & boom pins need to be lubricated in more than one position

• Diligence:
not all operators perform lubrication properly

Failure to grease every lubrication point, on every machine, every day, can negatively affect schedules, maintenance costs…
At VTN, our job is almost artisanal, product customization, necessary to satisfy the specific requirements of the user, which often varies from customer to customer. Our concept is not just a standard product line with mass production. We believe that our  being 'artisans' is a + Plus that cannot be found in other manufacturers and that allows us to be a niche player when it comes to product customisation. We provide the contractors the possibility of enjoying customised and high quality solutions that is guaranteed due to 'made-to-measure' design of the equipment. 

Understanding the needs of customers from various markets…
Simex Cold Milling Planers: A cost effective way of resurfacing roads
Time is always of the essence when it comes to road building. Regardless of whether you are shutting down a municipal road through the middle of city or a major highway linking two cities, road restrictions from construction are expected to be as minimal as possible. Delays can lead to  penalties if timing is not met and roads have to stay shut longer than anticipated. 

The Simex Planers, distributed through Suretech, are a two in one machine which is able to perform both milling and stabilising applications for the complete rehabilitation of roads and streets.  With a maximum width of…
Founded in 1991, Simex  has continued to develop new attachments suitable for various fields of application: dozens of patents applicable to roadworks, infrastructures and utilities, as well as for demolitions, constructions and quarrying.

The year 2020 was marked by numerous challenges, some more difficult than others, which Simex boldly addressed by investing further in facilities and logistics, increasing its R&D efforts and, last but not least, focusing on developing its human capital. Today, 30 years since its inception, Simex boasts a state-of-the-art production department, capable of producing up to 500 units per month during peak demand periods

Simex continuous…
Using a Telescopic Arm for Deep Excavations
The Telescopic Arm has been developed for working on underground and/or underwater down to 40 meters of depth (sixteen story below ground!). The slim construction of the Telearm is ideally suited for foundation works, narrow excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, underground renovations, canal clearance, and much more.........
UNDERGROUND WORK; digging work, block handling, slurry wall, underground parking

UNDERWATER WORK, (salt n’ fresh water); gravel handling, boulders n’concrete block handling, removing and/or cutting trees

WIDE RANGE OF ATTACHMENTS; clamshell bucket, orange peel, log grab, harvester head can be attached to the Telescopic Arm

Suitable for any excavator from any brand…
Mahindra RoadMaster Motor Graders a champion of Rural Roads

Around 94% of the roads In India are small and medium (rural and district) roads. As India is a highly populated country there is already some form of road connectivity available in most parts and the further development of these roads will be more of upgradation / development than a new construction.
The current motor graders available in India today except RoadMaster are   unaffordable for use by the small contractors. RoadMaster motor graders on the other hand give the lowest cost per spreading and grading not only when compared with conventional motor graders but also with manual labour, making it…
High Performance SIMEX Double Drum Cutter Heads with direct drive

Simex TF cutter heads are ideal for trenching, profiling rock and cement walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolition, dredging, finishing operations and underwater works. They are highly effective where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect. Their quiet operation allows them to be put to work near sensitive areas (residential zones, hospitals, schools, bridges and infrastructure). Especially recommended for finishing operations, where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic result are required.

• Precise cut
• Low vibrations
• Milled material reused on site
• Suitable for underwater works

High performance
Low noise…
Demolition & Recycling Technologies
Buildings and  structures and their uses differ greatly, so must the equipment used to demolish them. Demolition is the taking down of building exteriors, followed by the demolition of its floor slab and foundations. Explosive demolition might be required for larger and immediate bringing down of a structure with equipment brought on site to clean up the debris. For the demolition of structures, there is an incredible array of machinery and technology on the market to get the job done.

Demolishing concrete is hard, time-consuming, potentially hazardous work, regardless of jobsite conditions. it is a highly skilled job due to…
Brief intro of popular Heavy Infra Machinery
Heavy construction equipment are designed for executing construction tasks, involving earthwork or other other large infra jobs. There are different types of heavy equipment each having different application and required for different construction activities.

Given below is a list of the most used heavy infra equipment 


The modern range of Excavators come with factory fitted Advanced Telematics to providing real-time access to the operational activity and work report of your fleet of machines. It is the most in-demand heavy equipment because of its functioning terminology consisting of a boom, arm, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as…

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